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The adventure that re-defined roleplaying games on Super Nintendo touches down in Europe for the first time. When a meteorite hits the Earth near to Ness’ house, the brave young man sets off to investigate, but little does he know that he’s about to begin an epic adventure that will change his life… oh, and he might just save the universe in the process!

Ness will have to travel across the world after meeting with a strange alien in order to prevent Giygas, the Universal Cosmic Destroyer, from annihilating everything and everyone. He will be aided in his mission by three friends, and only by using their abilities and powers together do they stand a chance against the mighty Giygas!

With a deeply engaging storyline, a richly detailed world and a wealth of unique features, EarthBound is an in-depth role-playing epic.

  • The cult classic available in Europe for the first time!
  • An RPG packed with wacky humour, cultural references and memorable music
  • Gather companions, battle enemies, solve puzzles, and foil the scheme of the evil Giygas

Please note: EarthBound on Wii U Virtual Console is available in English only.




The protagonist of EarthBound, Ness is a 13 -year-old boy from the suburbs of Eagleland. He is gifted with PSI powers, which can give him an edge in battle.



An 11-year-old girl gifted with incredible psionic powers, Paula is kind-hearted and brave. Her unique abilities, including the ability to reach out to others telepathically, will undoubtedly be crucial to defeating Giygas.



A mechanical genius, Jeff is capable of fixing just about anything, and he has the ability to spy on enemies during battle to find their weaknesses.



A prince from the mysterious eastern land of Dalaam, Poo has studied psionic powers since he was very young. He’s also a skilled swordsman, and by bringing the two together, he’s a formidable opponent in battle.



Ness’ next-door neighbour, Pokey doesn’t have many friends. He lives with his brother and parents, and his family and Ness’ family don’t get along very well. Could it be that there's more to him than meets the eye?

You will also encounter many mysterious monsters and strange aliens on your journey. What do they have in store for the heroes of EarthBound?


An alien from the future who crash-lands in the town of Onett, Buzz-Buzz is the one who first tells Ness about the grave threat that the world is facing.


The Universal Cosmic Destroyer, Giygas really is pure evil. He has lost his mind under the pressure of his own power, and if Ness can’t stop him, Giygas will destroy the universe.

If you don’t like the names for your hero and his friends, EarthBound gives you the opportunity at the start of the game to rename them! Why not try naming them after you and your friends for a more personal adventure?


EarthBound sees Ness and his friends travel across Eagleland in their quest to stop Giygas. There are several key towns which you will visit in Eagleland, and in each one you will be able to take your time and explore or go shopping. Shops in towns will sell food, upgraded weapons and other items which will prove invaluable on your journey.



In battle, use handheld weapons, tap into your psionic power, or use a combination of both to unleash devastating attacks on enemies. Sometimes when you’ve suffered a major attack your hit points will start to decrease gradually – do your best to defeat the enemy before your HP runs out!

And don’t worry about constant interruptions from weak enemies: sometimes when you encounter an enemy who’s much weaker than you, you’ll be granted an immediate victory so you can keep on exploring Eagleland, hassle-free!

Whether battling bosses or exploring Eagleland, EarthBound gives you a unique take on the RPG genre.