Pokémon Zany Cards


Pokémon mini

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Available only for Pokémon Mini, Pokémon Zany Cards is a leisurely-paced game, ideal for the more relaxed Pokémon Mini owner - although you may not stay calm if that dastardly Meowth beats your hand of cards time and time again!Four classic card games are brought to virtual life on the Pokémon Mini screen, with brilliantly-animated Pokémon characters acting as opponents and helpers. In Wild Match, trump your opponents by making combinations from the cards dealt to you and those on the table - the highest-scoring combination wins! In Special Seven, special 'Event Cards' make for a chaotic card-based experience - who will be the first player to go out? Card Duel (two player only) is a high-tension battle of wits, as you rub your temples and attempt to 'read' your opponent's secret card, and Four Kings is a solitaire game where the aim is to create a quartet of Kings on the table.Pokémon Zany Cards isn't just a great way to enjoy card games without having to stuff your pocket full of bulky real-life playing cards - it's also a Pokémon Mini game that you can play with your friends, courtesy of Pokémon Mini's built-in Infra-red Communication Port. By holding your Pokémon Minis approximately one metre apart, an astonishing five players can enjoy Wild Match and Special Seven, while two players can battle it out in Card Duel. The use of the Pokémon Mini's Rumble Feature to give you a hand-shudderingly good time rounds off a superb Pokémon Mini Game Pak. Now you can carry classic card games - and your favourite Pokémon - with you wherever you go!