Pokémon Puzzle Collection


Pokémon mini

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Normally you'd need pretty big pockets to carry 80 Pokémon with you wherever you go, but not with Pokémon Puzzle Collection for your Pokémon Mini. You won't believe how many Pokémon are packed into the mini Game Pak. This little piece of plastic contains a colossal 80 stages of puzzle action - and there's a prize Pokémon awarded for each brainteaser you complete! Plus, you can keep track of your creature-collecting progress at any time by accessing Pokémon Puzzle Collection's built-in Minidex. The 80 puzzles are divided into four brain-busting types, with 20 games apiece, and a steadily increasing difficulty. Motion Puzzles involve slotting the sections of an animated Pokémon picture back together. In Shadow Puzzles, your task becomes trickier, as you can only see the silhouette of the Pokémon you're trying to return to one piece. Rescue Mission sees you helping a trapped Pokémon escape its puzzle maze by moving the blocks that lead to the exit. The final challenge, made up of a mind-blowing 20 secret stages (indicated only by a mysterious question mark) will task even the greatest Pokémon Puzzler.Pokémon Puzzle Collection also makes great use of the Pokémon Mini's Rumble mode, that lets you feel every bump 'n' grind of block-busting action. Plus, you can press the C Button (on the side of the Pokémon Mini) at the game's title screen to activate the built-in clock mode. Which means there's no excuse for blaming your lateness on too much Pokémon puzzle-solving!Pokémon Mini game units have special storage spaces for saving game data. There are a total of six files for data storage, and you can use one of these files per game. If all of the save files are being used for other games when you put a Game Pak in the Pokémon Mini, when you switch the unit on "SAVE FILE IS FULL" will be shown on the screen. But don't worry! On the next screen you can delete the data from another game and use that file to save new game data. If you don't want to delete data for another game, select "NO" when this screen is displayed. You can also play Pokémon Mini games without saving data. Any new records you break while playing won't be saved into the rankings.