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Pokémon mini

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The timeless thrills of pinball combine with the irresistible world of the Pokémon in Pokémon Pinball Mini - a superb miniature title that will hook you from the very first play.In Pokémon Pinball Mini, Diglett, the cherry-nosed ground-based Pokémon, has agreed to lend his services as the game's sole 'flipper'. A Pokéball acts as the pinball, and using the A Button you can use Diglett's head to nudge the ball towards bumpers, holes, and other targets. It's tougher than it looks - only with top-notch timing can you bounce the Pokéball off your Pokémon buddy's bonce at the correct angle and send it careering towards the targets.In Quest mode, there are 35 finger-testing stages to work your way through - and the difficulty doesn't take long to start ramping up to genuinely upsetting levels. With board features including Blocks, Ponds and Puddles, Gravity Changers, and mischievous Pichu - who will catch the Pokéball and chuck it back in a random direction - it will take hours of practice to become a Pokémon Pinball wizard.Don't worry about Diglett's poor head, either. As the game progresses, you'll have the chance to bounce your way through 10 Time Attack stages, 10 Score Attack stages, and 5 Pokémon Catching boards - and unlock new Pokémon plungers with their own unique abilities. And as you play, your hands will shudder in time with the on-screen action, as the Pokémon Mini's Rumble Feature adds a new dimension to your pinball fever.Take care with Pokémon Pinball - once you pick it up, you'll find it as difficult to leave alone as a dewy-eyed Pikachu! Pokémon Mini game units have special storage spaces for saving game data. There are a total of six files for data storage, and you can use one of these files per game. If all of the save files are being used for other games when you put a Game Pak in the Pokémon Mini, when you switch the unit on "SAVE FILE IS FULL" will be shown on the screen. But don't worry! On the next screen you can delete the data from another game and use that file to save new game data. If you don't want to delete data for another game, select "NO" when this screen is displayed. You can also play Pokémon Mini games without saving data. Any new records you break while playing won't be saved into the rankings.