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Pokémon mini

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The sun is out, the drinks are chilled and the trophies are twinkling on the winner's podium. The Pokémon are having a Sports Day party and you're invited. Are you up to the challenge? Featuring seven stunning games packed into a Game Pak the size of a postage stamp, Pokémon Party Mini will give you a big buzz - literally. Most of the games use the Pokémon Mini's built-in Rumble feature (where the Pokémon can give you good vibrations) or the Shock Sensor (with which you can shake any lazy Pokémon into shape). Best of all, the Pokémon have given you an open invitation, so you can ask up to five Pokémon Mini-owning friends to join in for some interactive infra-red action. The quirky collection of minigames begin with Pikachu's Rocket Start, in which you must wait for Elekid's rumble signal and help the electric mouse get a boost as the race begins. Slowking's Judge stars the patient Pokémon as a tennis line judge. You must watch the balls that fly by and decide if they are IN or OUT. Chansey fancies himself as a soccer star in Chansey's Dribble, in which you must score goals against a strict time limit. Bellossom's Dance sees the leafy Pokémon showing off his coolest moves. Can you copy him? Game Five, Hitmonchan's Boxing, stars the punchy Pokémon sparring with Machop. In Sneasel's Fake Out, you must run rings around your opponent with a basketball, making feints to fool your fellow player. And the final game, Battlefield, allows you to challenge up to five friends in any of the above games. Pokémon Party Mini also features a built-in clock, watched over by the elusive Celebi, which acts as a stopwatch for timing your own sporting events. So whether you're a solo or a group gamer, Pokémon Party Mini will certainly keep your fingers fit! Pokémon Mini game units have special storage spaces for saving game data. There are a total of six files for data storage, and you can use one of these files per game. If all of the save files are being used for other games when you put a Game Pak in the Pokémon Mini, when you switch the unit on "SAVE FILE IS FULL" will be shown on the screen. But don't worry! On the next screen you can delete the data from another game and use that file to save new game data. If you don't want to delete data for another game, select "NO" when this screen is displayed. You can also play Pokémon Mini games without saving data. Any new records you break while playing won't be saved into the rankings.