Rabi Laby 2

The eccentric Queen of Wonderland has ordered her loyal feline minions to capture Alice and Rabi and bring them to her twisted realm.

Rabi Laby 2 is the next episode in this action-puzzle series. Trapped in a dark realm, they must stick together and collaborate to evade treacherous pitfalls and cunning devices, while escaping from various stages.

You control both Alice and her exploding rabbit friend Rabi; using Rabi’s ability to jump high and explode on command, you must use both characters, each with their unique abilities to reach the exit door found within each stage. Discover invaluable hint coins and be rewarded with various ranking medals depending on how efficiently the exit is reached.

Together they will interact with extraordinary creatures, traverse mysterious regions and endure devious challenges; fuelling their humour, expanding their adventurous spirit and challenging their ingenuity.


  • 50 innovative and elaborate stages.
  • New hint feature providing essential clues.
  • Earn ranking medals to unlock bonus stages.

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Rabi Laby 2

TypeNintendo DSiWare (Nintendo DSi)
Release date18/07/2013

TypeNintendo DSiWare (Nintendo 3DS)
Release date18/07/2013