Art Style: PiCOPiCT

Jump into the world of PiCOPiCT and put your brain to the test with this colourful new puzzle game on Nintendo DSiWare. You have blocks of six different colours, and the idea behind the game is to build up pictures of classic NES Nintendo characters.

The blocks are known as PiCTOs and you can place them freely on the screen using the stylus. You have to use these PiCTOs to erase the Deca PiCTOs (groups of PiCTOs) falling from the top of the screen by combining blocks of the same colour together.

If you can erase the PiCTOs and complete the picture then you clear the stage. With its warm NES style graphics and immersive 8-bit music, in PiCOPiCT, you can experience a world where the old and the new coexist!

Please note that the screenshots currently displayed are taken from the Japanese version of the software.

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Art Style: PiCOPiCT

TypeNintendo DSiWare (Nintendo 3DS)
Release date07/07/2011

TypeNintendo DSiWare (Nintendo DSi)
Release date22/05/2009
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