WarioWare: Do It Yourself

WarioWare: Do It Yourself

System: Nintendo DS Release date: 30/04/2010

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He’s a crazy guy with a moustache – but nobody can deny that Wario has provided us with some monster microgame madness over the years. Now he’s back with WarioWare D.I.Y. - the latest in the Wario series of wacky off-the-wall microgame collections, but this time with a tempting twist – now you can create your very own microgames! That’ll be the reason for the D.I.Y. part of the name then…

There are over 90 brand new microgames where fast reflexes are fundamental and an eye for the ridiculous essential. Try to outwit the makers of some of the most furious fast-reflex action around – stomp cans, squeeze toothpaste and, err…pick someone’s nose – it’s all here waiting to try and catch you out.

So far, so WarioWare. The truly stand-out part of this game, however, is the chance to get stuck in and get creative at the WarioWare D.I.Y. Studio. Ever wanted to try your hand at developing games or thought you could come up with a funnier idea than the Wario team? Well, now’s your chance to prove you’re as good as any moustached maniac! The game teaches you everything you need to know to make your very own loony levels and even provides easy-to-use tools with which to unleash your warped and twisted ideas…

The possibilities are endless – but the basics are easy to pick up. You’ll need a background, some objects and a music soundtrack with sound effects. The game features fully interactive tutorials that teach you step-by-step how to turn your ideas into reality and, really, there’s no limit to what you can create if you use your imagination. If you want to take a break from the demanding job of Lead Game Designer, you can get deeper into graphics and music by creating your very own comic strips or orchestrating multi-track music with a whole range of quirky instruments and sounds, also in the D.I.Y. Studio.

Of course, it wouldn’t be much fun if you were the only person to see the fruits of your hard labour. So it’s just as well there are multiple ways to spread your creative genius around. You can share your microgames with friends and family simply by using local wireless connections to transfer them to another Nintendo DS system; alternatively you can share them via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection after you’ve swapped Friend Codes with other players. Using Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection you can also download further microgames released weekly by Nintendo. You can even submit microgames into monthly themed competitions! The winning games will also be available to download via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, providing access to a continuous stream of crazy new material.

You can even add another dimension to your game by downloading the WarioWare D.I.Y. Showcase game from WiiWare onto your Wii console. This will allow you access to another 70+ original microgames and also let you watch your Nintendo DS creations on the big screen by uploading them to Wii! There are so many options you’re going to be kept busy for months on end – so come on and unleash your imagination in WarioWare D.I.Y.!

  • Take on the role of game designer and create your own microgames
  • Enjoy over 90 pre-made games and download many more using Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection
  • Share your microgame creations with friends and family via local wireless connections
  • Use the WiiWare game WarioWare D.I.Y Showcase to get extra microgames and upload your Nintendo DS creations to the big screen

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Calling all wannabe game designers! With a little help from Wario, you'll be making your very own microgames in no time. Let Wario and his cohorts show you the ropes every step of the way. Go online* to share your coolest game creations, and download games made by others! WarioWare: D.I.Y. is bursting with make-your-own-gaming goodness!

* Wireless Broadband Internet access required for online play. For information on how to connect online, click here.


WarioWare Do It Yourself - Make Games

From art and animation to music, assembly instruction, and more—you'll be making microgames from scratch. Time to flex that creative muscle!


WarioWare Do It Yourself - Make Music

Fancy yourself a rockin' musician? Well, even the tone deaf can compose beautiful beats with the Record MakerMatic.


WarioWare Do It Yourself - Make Comics

If you need a break from all that game making, you could always check out the latest comics, or make some four-panel strips of your own.


WarioWare Do It Yourself - Hints and Tips

Eh? You still need help? Well, this section might just have the answer you're looking for—whether you're a novice designer or a semi-pro looking for expert tips.

WarioWare Do It Yourself - Make Games

Making, playing, sharing… it's the bread and butter of WarioWare: D.I.Y.! First of all, Penny, Dr. Crygor's whiz-kid granddaughter, will teach you the basics of the Super MakerMatic 21—a game-making machine like no other. Then, take on some freelance gigs for Wario and work on your game design know-how. Think you've got what it takes to design your own games from the ground up?

See how it's done


Ready to get started on your very own microgame? Don't worry, it's easy. Watch this video and see for yourself!


Once all the pieces are in place... KABOOSH! You've got your very own microgame! Now it's time to get it shipped to eager fans - check out the video to see how!

WarioWare Do It Yourself - Make Music

Let's get one thing straight: Wario doesn't skimp on his game creation tools. The Record MakerMatic is no exception! Choose from dozens of sounds, map them with the on-screen sequencer, or even hum a melody into your Nintendo DS microphone. Add a finished tune to your microgame creation, or flesh it out into a full song and share it with your adoring fans online!*

* Wireless Broadband Internet access required for online play. For information on how to connect online, click here.

Welcome to the music area. The Maestro is always willing to help compose something for you, but your creative input is certainly appreciated! Pick your favourite instruments and beats, write your melody, and get ready to groove.

Crack 'em up with Comics! There's no need to hold back as you create and customise comics to your heart's content. Check out the video to see some of the effects you can use in your four-panel piece of art.

WarioWare Do It Yourself - Hints and Tips

Let's face it: Penny knows everything! Below are a few hints and tips to help you through the early stages of WarioWare: D.I.Y. Your curiosity will grow as you dive deep in to your game, and Penny is here to help.

WarioWare Do It Yourself - Gameplay - Overview

Surprise surprise, Wario has another hairbrained scheme to get rich… and this time, you're gonna help him! Using Dr. Crygor's invention, the Super MakerMatic 21, Wario has his eyes on conquering the game industry. He's recruited gamers like you to make these dreams come true, but you'll really have to work that left brain muscle to go from lowly freelance designer to game creator extraordinaire!


You'll find some really odd games while exploring the temple with Mona and her camera dog! Wonder what she'll do with all that secret treasure…


Are you ready? No really… ARE YOU READY? Jimmy's out to get you fit with these sports-themed microgames. Work that stylus, baby!


Ashley can't seem to get food off the brain, even when surrounded by spooks. Help her out by tackling these yummy microgames!


News flash! An alien of superior intelligence named Orbulon has crafted some brain-bending microgames. Aim for the stars, and see if you can beat them!


9-Volt is a hardcore gamer who can't get enough of the old-school Nintendo classics! They seem to have a huge influence on the microgames he makes…

WarioWare Do It Yourself - Download and Share - Overview

Think you're a hot shot microgame maestro? Then join the hustle and bustle of the WarioWare: D.I.Y. game design community, and show off your stuff! Take part in challenges, see what other wannabe designers have whipped up, and share your own. There's new stuff coming out all the time, all freely available to download from the NinSoft Store*. You've got lots of competition out there, so make Wario proud!

* Wireless Broadband Internet access required for online play. For information on how to connect online, click here.

WarioWare Do It Yourself - Weekly Games

39Goombas.JPG   40Pyoro.JPG

The Weekly Games additions have ended, but all past games are still available.

WarioWare Do It Yourself - Trading and Sharing

If you're in a generous mood, you could always share your creations with friends… Just don't tell greedy old Wario! Sharing online, or locally with another Nintendo DS system is a cinch. You can even play them on your Wii console!

WarioWare Do It Yourself - Weekly Games

Wario has his staff hard at work day and night, creating new microgames just for YOU! Head to the Distribution Centre, and check back at the NinSoft Store often to see what they've cooked up—they'll have something new just about every week.

Wireless Broadband Internet access required for online play. For information on how to connect online, click here.

WarioWare Do It Yourself - Big Name Games

Sometimes you just need a big time game-making pro to show you the ropes. We're not sure how he did it, but Wario managed to convince some very important folks to create their own original microgames! Jump online to download and play them yourself, and keep an eye out for new entries soon.

Wireless Broadband Internet access required for online play. For information on how to connect online, click here.


Ron Carmel of 2D BOY is one of the two creators of the award-winning WiiWare title World of Goo. Goo is what Ron knows best, so it is with great pride that he presents to you "Suck Goo!", the unofficial non-sequel to World of Goo. Have fun and D.I.Y.!


Known for creating the action game Cave Story, Daisuke "Pixel" Amaya has also created a game for WarioWare: D.I.Y., discovering how fun it can be to design and flesh out a microgame experience. In his microgame Ikachan, tap an Ikachan when the shell of the same colour opens. If you're too slow, they'll get gobbled up by the fish!


Todd Lewis is a designer at 5th Cell, the makers of Scribblenauts and the Drawn to Life games. In his microgame, you'll get a glimpse of the creativity 5th Cell has to offer, in the shape of a bird flying home! But you have to play it to see where the bird really flies home to!


Matt Bozon is a director at WayForward, and is known for Shantae and Contra 4. His microgame features the Game Boy Color version of Shantae in monkey form. If you can nab the gem fast enough, Shantae will do a belly dance! Bozon: "D.I.Y. puts you in the spotlight! Don't worry. Just be creative and funny!"


Head of Project Sora and famed creator of both Kirby and Super Smash Bros., Sakurai-san has created a game using a pure, one-touch "Do It Yourself" play style.

Download the game and then check out exactly how he created such a masterpiece by tuning into the creation video on the Nintendo Channel!

WarioWare Do It Yourself - Theme Games

Wario is always on the hunt for talented creators to make games that he can publish and make loads of dosh from. If you've got the skills to impress him, you might just get your microgame posted for the community to download and play!

Wireless Broadband Internet access required for online play. For information on how to connect online, click here.

Think your game-making skills are up to snuff? Wario will be the judge of that!

Theme: Open contest #2
Description: Send in your best self-made game!
Start date:  3 May 2011
End Date: 25 May 2011
Distribution of winners date: 16 June 2011

WarioWare Do It Yourself - Submit your own Microgames

Think your latest creation fits the current D.I.Y. challenge like sauce to pasta? Upload it and find out!

Check out some of the top microgames from previous challenges that are still available for download.
Perhaps you'll even find a few ideas to inspire you as you come up with your own microgames for future themed challenges.
Who knows, maybe your creation will be featured among the best on offer some day!

WarioWare Do It Yourself - Trading and Sharing

The best part of making microgames for Wario is that you can show them off to your mates. He's got three great ways for you to do it, too! All this elecktrickery takes place in the Distribution Centre so head over there as soon as you can to hook up.

Step 1 screen1.jpg


Got a friend in the room with their own WarioWare: D.I.Y. Game Card? Just select the "Connect with".. "DS" option and your masterpiece will be winging its way to your chosen friend faster than you can say "I'm the greatest game designer in the WOOORRLLLDD"! You can then grab a game from their own library, and create new microgame memories together. Awwww!

Step 2 screen3.jpg


Download new games all the time! Whether it's Weekly Games, Big Name Games or winning Theme Games from Wario's Design Challenges, the place to get them is the NinSoft Store. Just choose the "Connect with"... "WFC" option and then tap "NinSoft Store". Yup, it's as easy as that!

Step 3 screen2.jpg


If a friend is far away but has wireless broadband internet access, they can always swing by your Warehouse once you've shipped a game to it. Send a game, comic, or song over to the Distribution Centre though Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, and let your friends take their pick any time. Just pick the ""Connect with""... ""WFC"" option, then "Warehouse" and go, go go! Those Warehouse guys keep it open 24/7!

Step 4 screen4.jpg


Download WarioWare: Do It Yourself - Showcase  to your Wii console, and you can play your home-made microgames on the big screen! You'll find this exclusive download in the WiiWare section of the Wii Shop Channel.








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