Walk with me! Do you know your walking routine?

Walk with me! Do you know your walking routine?

System: Nintendo DS Release date: 05/06/2009

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What is Walk With Me! Do you know your Walking Routine?


Step into a healthier lifestyle with Walk with me! Do you know your walking routine? on Nintendo DS. Walk with me! comes with two very special Activity Meter pedometers that can help you work out if your activity rhythm is up to scratch and provides valuable insight on how to set up a regular routine – the healthiest way to live.


All you need to do is clip one of the Activity Meters onto your belt, put it in your pocket or even attach it to your dog’s collar and you’re away! The Activity Meter will then keep track of every step you make during the day and transmit the information to your Nintendo DS, which is where the fun starts! Using the Touch Screen and your Nintendo DS stylus, you can use the results you gather in all sorts of ways.


Stay in step

Unlike a regular pedometer, one of the great things about the Activity Meter is that it allows your family, friends and even pets to join in. Up to four different people can use their own Activity Meter in conjunction with a single Game Card.

Using the Touch Screen and your Nintendo DS stylus, you and other Walk with me! users can utilise the results in all sorts of ways and even make notes for your own records. You can start by setting yourself a Step Target, aiming for as many or as few steps as you think you can manage, then have a look at the Records section, where your performance result is presented in several clear and concise graphs.


Based on the information collected on the Activity Meter, the software will provide helpful comments on whether you achieved your target and will even compare your walking performance to an animal! The software will also set you fun Mini Targets after your results have been checked – perhaps to avoid fatty foods for the day, or maybe just to relax and treat yourself.

Grab your friends and family and walk your way to a healthier lifestyle with Walk with me!


It's good to walk

Walking is one of the most fundamental forms of exercise you can undertake and the best thing is - you don’t need any special equipment for it! A good pair of walking shoes/trainers and some suitable clothing are about the only things you need. Everybody knows that exercise is good for you, but did you realise just how many benefits a regular exercise routine brings?

• Medical evidence suggests that regular physical exercise diminishes the risk of suffering certain illnesses and health problems, including cardio-vascular conditions, osteoporosis, Type II diabetes, cholesterol and certain types of cancer.

• Exercise also has a positive effect on your mental state. Regular biorhythms help prevent stress and anxiety, and fight lethargy, meaning you feel more awake and fresh, more of the time.

• This, in turn, means that you tend to get a better night’s sleep. And that leads to more energy during the day – a sharper mind, sharper reflexes and better humour.

• Your body needs regular movement and gentle exercise to remain supple and toned. It’s important that our muscles and tendons do their job correctly and in order for this to happen, we need to maintain their condition.

• Exercise keeps you young! Movement is necessary for the maintenance of vital organs such as the heart, lungs, veins, immune system and digestive system. Keeping these organs in tip-top condition will ensure you maximum longevity.


Experts recommend the equivalent of around 30 minutes of brisk walking every day. You could just go out for a 30-minute walk of course, but if this seems like something that would be hard to fit into your working day, there are lots of little ways you can contribute to this total throughout the day!

• How about getting off the bus or the tube a stop earlier and walking the rest of the way home or to your office? It’ll only take you an extra few minutes, but you’d be amazed at the number of steps you can rack up from something so simple.

• Or what about when you get to work? Do you have a handy lift that takes you up to your office floor? Try taking the stairs for a change and you’ll really reap the benefits of some aerobic exercise.

• Take the kids for a walk to the park! They’ll love the chance to run around with a football and your body will love you for the extra steps.


Fun and games

As well as helping you towards a healthier lifestyle, Walk with me! makes every step you take all the more worthwhile through a selection of fun mini-games.

The steps recorded by the Activity Meter become a currency of sorts that can be “spent” in the game in a variety of ways. You can learn more about the world, see how much electrical energy your movements would generate or embark on a journey through space! Read on to discover how Walk with me! ensures all your steps are put to good use.


Light Up

Light Up converts the combined activity of you and your friends and family into virtual electrical power, which is then measured to see how much light your accumulated steps would generate. If you’ve spent more time sitting on the sofa than you have striding along the street, you’re likely to light up little more than a tiny LED or a torch.

On the other hand, if you’ve been taking great steps to get out and about, you might find that your activity levels are suitably high to power a set of floodlights or even an entire city! When you get to this stage, you know your willingness to walk has come on leaps and bounds.


Walk the world

One way you can spend the steps that you and other Walk with me! users have built up is by taking a virtual trip round the world and unlocking different landmarks all over the globe.

As you trade in steps, your Mii will draw a picture of an object, animal or landmark from somewhere on the planet, completing the full image once you have accumulated the necessary number of steps. You’ll also be granted some interesting trivia to accompany whichever of the 100 available items you unlock, meaning your everyday activity could soon be traded in for knowledge on everything from coffee to camels!



In Walk with me!, up to four different people can use their own Activity Meter in conjunction with a single Game Card, allowing everyone to compare results and engage in a bit of friendly competition.

The rankings option allows you to check out interesting facts about who took the most steps in a single day, who successfully achieved their targets and who is the most active overall. There’s even a trophy for whoever tops the rankings table!


Global goals

Comparing your activity levels with friends and family is a good incentive to improve, but if you have bigger aspirations you can also find out how you compare to other Walk with me! users around the world by viewing the world ranking chart via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. 

Every Sunday the rankings will be updated to reveal who clocked up the most steps on the globe, as well as showing a running total of who has the highest activity levels overall. If topping the rankings at home is one small step towards a healthier lifestyle, then out-walking the world is a giant leap in the right direction!


Space journey

In Walk with me!, you can compare your step count with other users in the world rankings. But if competing to top the world league table doesn’t take your fancy, you can always keep in step with fellow Walk with me! users by setting out on a journey through space. Space Journey combines your step data with others around the globe via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection to see how far your total steps would take you if you went for a stroll around the Solar System.

Play your part in an adventure that will take you to the furthest reaches of the galaxy with Space Journey. Every step counts!

Use Miis on Nintendo DS for the first time

For the first time on Nintendo DS, Walk with me! gives you the chance to represent yourself with a Mii caricature. All of the same options you use to create a Mii on Wii are open to you in Walk with me!, and you can simply import your Mii from Wii to DS if you like.


As well as enabling you to represent yourself with a Mii, Walk with me! offers you the option of kitting yourself out with a range of walking attire to ensure you look the part. Whether you opt for hiking gear, leggings or a classic tracksuit, you can be sure your Mii steps out in style whenever you use Walk with me!

To add to the fun, Walk with me! also lets you represent your canine chums with a selection of Mii-style dogs – making it easy to keep track of your pet’s activity levels.


Q: What is this game rated?

A: Walk with me! is rated 3+ by Pan-European Game Information (PEGI). For more information about PEGI, click here.  

Q: What type of game is Walk with Me?

A: Walk with me! Do you know your walking routine? is a fun and interactive way to measure your daily exercise and motivate you to improve your walking habits. Players use the special Nintendo Activity Meter pedometers (included with the game) to monitor their walking throughout the day and then send the data to their Nintendo DS. Through a series of charts, graphs and fun activities, they can then build up a picture of their exercise habits and set themselves weekly goals.

Q: What other Nintendo games are similar to this title?

A: Walk with me! is part of Nintendo’s Touch! Generations range of software – a collection of software for the Wii console and Nintendo DS that offers a variety of unique and accessible ways to play. For details on other Touch! Generation’s games, click here.

Players interested in this genre may also like to try Wii Fit for the Wii console. Designed to help you become more aware of your physical condition, Wii Fit invites you to have fun and get healthy in the process. With exercises that focus on helping you to improve balance and posture, change your Body Mass Index or simply relax, Wii Fit uses the latest technology to assist you in leading a healthier lifestyle.

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