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Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing


Nintendo DS Game Card

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If you’re itching to overtake Alex Kidd in a crazy taxi, to pull some fast moves and drift ahead of Sonic himself or speed your plane round a racetrack leaving competitors in your wake then Sega have something very special for you. The blue skies and green hills of racing adventure await in Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing on the Nintendo DS. A host of 20 familiar faces have turned up to race: among others Sonic the Hedgehog and his pals Tails and Knuckles, original Sega mascot Alex Kidd, Nintendo GameCube hero Billy Hatcher, Dreamcast disco diva Ulala, rhythm action pioneer Amigo and Aiai (who puts the super monkey in Super Monkey Ball) are all fuelled and on the starting line, ready to battle it out for first place. Each character has their own bespoke vehicle so you’ll be racing against sports cars, bikes, planes and a giant banana… Never underestimate the giant banana.

In this high-octane homage to the world of Sega you’ll visit numerous locations from classic games over a bevy of tyre-burning tracks. Zip around the bright and busy carnival from Samba de Amigo, drive like a dynamo through the urban sprawl of the buzzing metropolis from Jet Set Radio or career round the curves of Seaside Hill from Sonic Heroes; this grand tour de Sega has it all. The tracks are littered with helpful items which can really give you an advantage if you're savvy enough to know where to use them – boosts, projectiles, mines and more are available to help you own the racetrack. It's all about driving fast, dodging traps, snapping up items, sabotaging your opponents and being the first to the finish.  In times of need (or simply when something memorable is required) you can let your character’s unique All-Star ability loose and leave opponents eating your dust.

Work up the ranks in game modes like Time Attack, Arcade and (it wouldn’t be a real racing game without one) Grand Prix. With single player and multiplayer modes there's more than enough fun to go around – if you feel your friends are up to the challenge that is. Wanted: competitors for the race of a lifetime, speed demons or those with mad skills only need apply. On your marks… get set (wait for iiiiit) - GO!

  • Play as one of 20 iconic characters from the world of Sonic and Sega and speed around classic locations from Sega games.
  • Pit yourself against the computer or compete against friends in multiplayer races.
  • Completing races racks up Sega Miles that can be traded in at the shop to unlock artwork, new tracks and cool new characters.
  • Race against a friend in Single Card Play, or face off against up to three others with Multi-Card Play or via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.