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Solatorobo Red the Hunter


Nintendo DS Game Card

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Prepare to reach new heights among islands in the sky in adventure game Solatorobo Red the Hunter, exclusively for the Nintendo DS family of portable systems.

Enter a world of epic fantasy action in this high octane RPG brought to life by beautiful graphics created by internationally renowned designers, Nobuteru Yuki, and animated by MADHOUSE. You take on the story of Red Savarin, a 17 year-old anthropomorphic dog, and his robot, Dahak, as he does battle with giant robotic “mecha” and other enemies on his journey through the mythical floating islands of the Shepherd Republic. After a chance encounter with the mysterious Elh, he gets inadvertently entangled in an epic adventure to save the world from destruction at the claws of the ancient evil being, Lares.

Navigate the intriguing islands, taking on a series of different quests; from fighting robots to battling sky pirates, racing planes and defeating giant monsters, while exploring the sky on your own airship and ultimately saving the world and discovering the truth behind the mysterious floating islands.

There are a number of gameplay modes in Solatorobo, including “Quests”, the completion of which earns you money and the ability to increase your Hunter Level, while in “Battling” you must lift and smash robot opponents to gain experience points which extend the amount of life that Red has.

The game unfolds in two parts, each consisting of a number of chapters in which you must fight to keep the environment in its island-like state - an act that will prevent mass extinction and the end of the world as we know it! 

Solatorobo is easily accessible for players of any age, and is packed with fast-paced action and over 20 hours of gameplay to test your skill and dexterity.

Check the Video section for a series of episodic trailers; a total of four new videos will be posted bi-weekly in the run up to launch on 1st July 2011 so stay tuned to the site!

  • Set out on an adventure amid floating islands and witness a world brought to life by renowned designers and animators.
  • Battle robot enemies, build your strength and undertake quests as you journey through the Shepherd Republic and meet fascinating characters.
  • Take control of Red as he’s drawn into an epic tale and becomes responsible for the fate of the world.
  • Compete with friends who own Solatorobo in all-action races round circuits floating in the sky.
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