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Professor Layton and the Spectre's Call


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Unravel the events of Layton and Luke’s first meeting in Professor Layton and the Spectre's Call!


Folklore tells of a spectral guardian that was summoned using a strange flute to protect the town of Misthallery in times of need; amazingly, it was this legend that led Professor Layton and I to the town all those years ago, and to Layton and Luke’s first meeting.

The professor had received a letter from his old friend Clark Triton, begging for aid with a peculiar predicament: it appeared that a malevolent spectre was destroying the town’s houses by night, to the sound of a flute. Naturally, the professor also noticed that the letter contained a secret message...

But who am I, and how do I know this tale? Why, I’m Emmy Altava, pleased to make your acquaintance. These events occurred three years before the professor and Luke’s famous investigations of that curious village, St Mystere - and the day the professor received Clark’s letter was my very first day as his assistant.

I already deeply admired the professor, and though he didn’t seem to recall our last meeting, I couldn’t wait to get started; little did I know that what followed would be a mystery unlike anything I had ever encountered before!


Professor Hershel Layton

Professor of Archaeology at Gressenheller University, Layton has an enquiring mind, is a devotee of tea, and has an abiding penchant for puzzles. He believes in acting like a gentleman at all times.

Emmy Altava

Professor Layton’s scooter-riding new assistant. Smart and intuitive, she has a deep admiration for the professor - and seems to have met him before...

Clark Triton

An old friend of Layton’s who is now mayor of Misthallery. He wrote a letter to Layton, begging for help with the mystery of the ghastly, destructive spectre that plagues his town by night.

Luke Triton

The young son of Clark Triton (one of the professor’s oldest friends). Luke has been withdrawn since his mother left and for some reason won’t talk to his father, but perhaps will talk to Layton...

Keats the Cat

Dear, sweet Keats is a very special mog about town - he was left in charge by puzzle-keeper Granny Riddleton when she hopped off for a well-deserved holiday, you see...


Puzzles are the Key

Unravelling the mystery of Misthallery in this thrilling prequel to Professor Layton and the Curious Village, and finding the truth behind this spectral saga won’t be easy. You’ll need to explore and investigate the setting, interview its people and (most importantly) solve any puzzles you encounter. Some conundrums will come from the townsfolk and some will be hidden around town - it’s up to you to find them, because it’s only by solving brainteasers that you will crack this case.

Plentiful Picarats

Every puzzle you solve is worth a number of picarats, with greater amounts for trickier puzzles. If you give an incorrect answer, the number of picarats you’ll receive may decrease - so think carefully before you put forth your answer.

Collect picarats to unlock special bonuses! The extras don’t come cheaply - you’ll need to hoard a whole bunch for the top-notch ones - so on with those thinking caps!

Helpful Hint Coins

Thankfully, you will find hint coins all over the place - simply search the Touch Screen with your stylus and they could spring out of anywhere! These handy tokens can be cashed in to purchase puzzle hints, and in a nifty turn of events, using them doesn’t reduce the amount of picarats you will earn.

Keats the Cat

Should a puzzle definitively discombobulate you, you can always step away with grace and come back to it later. Any puzzles you haven’t completed, or sneaky hidden ones you didn’t find at first, will be kept in waiting for you with Keats the cat (assuming  you can find his current basking spot around town) since our usual great puzzle-hoarder Granny Riddleton has pushed off for a well deserved holiday.

All of the puzzles you encounter will be listed in the Puzzle Index, where you can also solve those you’ve bested again at any time.

Download Puzzles

Of course, on top of the intriguing and extensive main story, there’s also the opportunity to download weekly puzzles via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection! Click here for help on how to get your handheld system connected.


This story takes place three years before Luke and Layton’s escapades in the curious village of St Mystere!

Brand New Puzzles

Featuring over 170 new puzzles, with more available to download, Professor Layton and the Spectre's Call has plenty to keep your grey matter ticking over - there are even novel types of brainteasers to challenge your wits!

New Minigames

You’ll soon unlock all three of these brand new minigames in The Professor’s Trunk, and will find additions for each one as you progress.

Toy Train

Lay the track so that the train will visit each of the stations before reaching the goal!

Puppet Theatre

Give directions to the puppets on stage to help them act out their play.


Direct your penny-pinching fish to collect all the coins floating in each tank.

Catch any mice you see running around by tapping on them, and you’ll receive a mouse badge. Collect a lot, and perhaps something good will happen?

Logical Leaps

In Mysteries within The Professor’s Trunk (where the different strands of the case are broken down) you’ll now find 'A word from the Professor' entries, detailing Layton’s valuable opinion on the latest events.

A Hidden World

Talking to people will unlock new “Episodes”, showing a few revealing moments in the life of some of the characters that you have met.

Pay Attention to Progress

At certain points in the game you won’t be able to move ahead in the story until you’ve solved a special puzzle, or shown you were paying attention in a recap of the latest events - so stay abreast of the case at all times!

Make sure you investigate everything you can with the stylus - you might find hint coins, hidden puzzles, or rare and interesting items secreted away in the strangest places!

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