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Professor Layton and Pandora's Box


Nintendo DS Game Card

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The fabled Elysian Box is more commonly known as Pandora’s Box because of its supposed power to kill those who open it. Could it be real or is it simply another myth from the ages?

Professor Layton is skeptical about the myth until a letter arrives from his good friend Dr Schrader, saying he has located the box and is ready to open it.

The professor smells a rat and, sure enough, they arrive at Dr Schrader’s apartment to find him already dead. Was it the Elysian Box or is there more to this tragedy than meets the eye?

A mysterious train ticket for the Molentary Express is the only clue the professor and Luke have. Bizarrely, it has no destination printed on it…where can the train be going?


Get your thinking cap on and prepare to tackle over 150 brand new puzzles, guaranteed to kick your solving skills into overdrive! There are brainteasers for every taste and since they gradually increase in difficulty, anyone from puzzle novices to enigmatic experts can get stuck in and help track down Pandora’s Box!

Some puzzles will test your number skills, others your spatial awareness. There are downright devilish riddles, and many other stumpers based on classic puzzles from the depths of time. Even the best puzzler is bound to get stuck at some point, but don’t let that worry you! You can open your own doodle pad on the Touch Screen by clicking “Memo” or take advantage of the in-game hints. There are three for every puzzle and they should set you in the right direction!


Playing Professor Layton games is as simple as using a pencil and paper! The whole game is controlled by tapping the Touch Screen using your Nintendo DS stylus. Simply tap, tick or even write in the correct answer to the puzzle using the stylus as your pen.

In order to find those puzzles, you’ll need to put your best foot forward and search your environment carefully. You can move around by tapping the ‘shoe' icon with your stylus. Make sure you chat to the crazy characters you meet and peer into every nook and cranny to sniff out the necessary clues to solve this mindbending mystery.


Professor Layton

Professor Hershel Layton has no equal when it comes to powers of deduction. If anyone can hunt down Pandora’s Box, this archaeologist and puzzle master is the man for the job.


Luke is Professor Layton’s cockney sparrow sidekick. He’s eager to learn and never holds back with a quick-witted answer. But will he ever become a gentleman of Professor Layton’s calibre?

Dr Andrew Schrader

Doctor Schrader managed to locate the Elysian Box and summoned long-time friend Professor Layton to his apartment. Unfortunately he never got the chance to pass on his valuable knowledge. The question is – was his demise down to the Elysian Box?


A lovely young lady who is a familiar face from the first Layton case, Flora is on hand to assist with the search. Hopefully she won’t try and assist with anything else though – her cooking skills are astoundingly awful.

Inspector Chelmey

The Inspector represents the long arm of the law as the official bobby on the beat. He’s usually barking up the wrong tree, but still seems to be one step ahead of Layton at every turn.

Granny Riddleton

Granny Riddleton is an enigmatic old dear who pops up all over the place. Luckily for you, this sweet old woman also takes her house wherever she goes! A kind of mobile puzzle shack, you can find unsolved puzzles you may have missed on your travels ready and waiting for you here.

The Professor's Trunk

The trunk holds all manner of vital tools and exciting mini-games for your enjoyment. Click on the icons for more information!

Layton’s Journal

Keep track of what’s what by reading the professor’s detailed notes on the case


The main mysteries you encounter in the game are collected here and marked off as you uncover answers

Puzzle Index

Every puzzle you’ve found and solved is stored in this handy index. You can use the index to show puzzles to friends and family as well as come back and replay your favourites anytime you like!


Always a good idea to save your game after a perplexing puzzle – if you don’t you might have to do it all over again…


What good is a broken camera? Well, no good at all actually. Better fix it fast!


This ravenous rodent just loves his food, but it’s not good for his health. Help your furry friend get back to his fighting weight and he could become a valuable companion…


There’s nothing more soothing than a lovely cup of tea. That’s a lovely cup of tea – you’ll be sure to make a few grotesque concoctions as you try to formulate the perfect brew.

Wi-Fi wizardry

With modern-day electrickery, there are even more ways to quench your thirst for brainteasing blockbusters. Pit your wits against bonus teasers by downloading extra weekly puzzles through Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. The puzzles are added permanently to your Puzzle Index, so you can take them on at your leisure.

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