New Super Mario Bros.


Virtual Console (Wii U)


Wii U (European version)

Release date



English, German, French, Italian, Spanish

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99.09 MB


Nintendo DS Game Card

Release date



English, German, French, Spanish, Italian

Nostalgic and new in equal doses, New Super Mario Bros. brings classic gameplay bang up to date with sumptuous visuals, toe-tapping tunes, and tons of secrets and surprises.

In Super Mario’s first 2D platformer since Super Mario World, you’ll run, jump and stomp your way through the Mushroom Kingdom in pursuit of Bowser Jr. and a kidnapped Princess Peach. Eight worlds are yours to explore and you’ll need all your Super Mario skills, plus power-ups like the Mega Mushroom, Blue Koopa Shell and Mini Mushroom, to discover all 240 Star Coins.

Plus – if you fancy a break from Goomba-stomping, there is a wide selection of touch screen minigames to enjoy!

Please note: Wireless communication features of the original game, such as Multi-Card Play and DS Download Play, are not available in the Wii U Virtual Console version. This game supports one player on Wii U Virtual Console.