Magic Made Fun: Perform Tricks That Will Amaze Your Friends!


Nintendo DS Game Card

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With Magic Made Fun: Perform Tricks That Will Amaze Your Friends on Nintendo DS, you will have the power to perform mind-boggling magic tricks in no time!

The fun starts when you walk through the door of Great Barbara’s magic shop – your first stop on a journey of discovery that will teach you how to use your DS as an assistant for your own private magic shows. From the outset, the tricks you learn will draw gasps from the audience and leave them genuinely baffled as you use both screens of your DS and the built-in microphone to pull the wool over the eyes of your friends and family!

Magic Made Fun offers you the option of experiencing the DS’s powers for yourself in Solo Magic mode – where having your mind read is just one of the amazing feats you can expect to witness. Alternatively you can put the DS’s special powers to work as your assistant in a Magic Show. With over 20 tricks to learn and a set of very special playing cards to aid you in your performances, you’ll take centre stage as your audience tries to figure out how you suddenly became a master magician!

Of course, no illusionist will be able to fool the crowd if they don’t put in some practice, which is exactly what you can do in the game’s Magic Training mode. A ranking table will keep track of how well you perform at each challenge and determine whether you have the Magic Level of a tiny rabbit or a mighty tiger! Challenges range from mastering tricky card games to trying to draw perfect mirror images on the Touch Screen of numbers that appear on the top screen.

Whether you play Solo Magic, perform a Magic Show or get some Magic Training you’ll earn Magic Points that add up and unlock new tricks to amaze your friends with. From the incredible Vanishing Card to the mysterious Mystic Hand, Magic Made Fun gives you privileged access to some truly mind-boggling secrets - just make sure you don’t give them away and ruin the show!

  • Learn magic tricks then amaze your friends and family by putting on a Magic Show with the DS as your assistant! 
  • Unlock new tricks as you practice and put on shows. There are more than 20 to master!
  • Play mini-games in Magic Training mode and see how strong your Magic Level is.