Last Window: The Secret of Cape West


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Welcome to Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

Welcome to Nintendo of Europe's official UK site for Last Window: The Secret of Cape West on Nintendo DS. Enjoy puzzling out the mystery behind Kyle Hyde's past and solving the crime in an adventure developed by Nintendo and Cing.

Last Window Prologue Story

Watch the introductory animation to Last Window that reveals the background to the mystery and the opening situation of Kyle Hyde.

Discover the Characters of Last Window

Discover the many characters who inhabit the world of Last Window. Kyle Hyde, the main protagonist, Rachel, Ed and many new characters await.

Learn how to play on your Nintendo DS

Hold the Nintendo DS like a book and play through the game by using your stylus to interact with the Touch Screen to move the story forward, find clues and solve puzzles.

Choose your own story with the Novel Menu

Discover how the story of Last Window evolves as you choose and read about it using the Novel Menu.

Music Soundtrack of Last Window

Get a sneak preview of the Last Window background music and choose what to hear on the jukebox.

Behind the Scenes animation

Watch a background video with the developers and see the type or work that goes into creating animation for a game like Last Window.

Visit official website

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