Kirby: Power Paintbrush


Virtual Console (Wii U)


Wii U (European version)

Release date



English, German, French, Italian, Spanish

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122.68 MB


Nintendo DS Game Card

Release date



English, German, French, Spanish, Italian

Roll with it! Kirby’s been cursed by a wicked witch and transformed into a ball. And to make matters worse, Dreamland has been turned into a painting. So it’s up to you to guide Kirby to the goals and save the land from this colourful calamity. Using the Touch Screen and stylus, you paint rails in magic ink for Kirby to ride on like a twisting, turning rollercoaster – smashing into bad guys as he goes. You’ll need nimble stylus skills to lead Kirby through all eight technicolour levels made up of mechanical monstrosities, dark caverns, lethal lava flows, spooky mazes, arctic snowfields and underwater labyrinths.

In true Kirby style, you can also copy the powers of your fallen enemies; transforming Kirby into a blazing fireball, a high-speed wheel, a missile, a block of ice, a balloon and even a mass of sticky needles. As well as the main adventure portion of the game, Kirby: Power Paintbrush also features boss game challenges, a time attack mode and line attack (in which you must try to reach the goal using as little ink as possible).

Please note: Wireless communication features of the original game, such as Multi-Card Play and DS Download Play, are not available in the Wii U Virtual Console version. This game supports one player on Wii U Virtual Console.