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Inazuma Eleven


Nintendo DS Game Card

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Help Mark Evans win the trophy!

Mark Evans is the captain of the Raimon Jr High football team and really wants to win the Football Frontier tournament trophy, but there’s a problem. He hasn't got eleven players and the ones he does have aren't the most motivated bunch of lads. There’s a new kid in town called Axel Blaze and who's apparently an amazing striker. If Mark can get him in the team, they might have a shot at winning.


Interact with Inazuma Eleven game characters

Meet and get to know many new kids at Raimon Jr High school - Axel Blaze, the mysterious striker, Silvia Woods, Celia Hills and Nelly Raimon, your team managers as well as Jude Sharp, your arch-enemy from the Royal Academy.

Then try and recruit as many great players to your team as possible. There are over 1,000 players hiding in and around the surrounds of Inazuma Town and it's up to you to track down the best!


Play some football!

There are two kinds of games: matches and battles.

Matches are the big boys of competitive football. These occur at key points in the game and involve you taking on a rival school as you work your way through the league.

Battles are the way you improve the skills and strength of your players. All over the school campus are players from other sports teams who reckon that even if they’re not football players, they’re still probably better than the official Raimon Jr High football squad…

Playing football uses easy-to-learn controls, but the options are endless! You control the game using the Touch Screen and your stylus on your Nintendo DS.


Train your players to be the best

It’s important to get your players to the peak of their abilities - and there are various ways to train them up:

Battle challenges pop up randomly from members of other sports teams and comprise 4 vs. 4 matches with the first four players from your squad. If you win the battle, you’ll gain experience and points.

This secret facility offers hardcore training to train your team up fast. You’ll have to find it first though!

Look out for special training spots as you zip about town, instantly recognisable from the Inazuma Eleven lightning bolt. Different spots are used to improve different skills, so be sure to try and hunt down the lot of 'em!


Special Moves are the way to win Inazuma Eleven games!

Special Moves

These are the firecrackers that will separate the stars from the saps when it comes to footie skills. There’s a huge variety of special moves to learn and you can gain new ones by levelling up, finding secret manuals or by teaching and learning from other players.


Play with friends with some football RPG multiplayer!

You can play matches against your mates whenever you like using DS Wireless Communications. All the multiplayer action takes place in the Connect menu, which you can access from the main menu when you start the game up.

You can trade teams with other users wirelessly by selecting Teamshare Mode on the Connect menu. This allows you to save another team in your game, which you can then play any time you like. Similarly, details of your team will be sent to the other user who can then use your formation to play against!

You can also trade individual players with friends using the Trade option in the Connect menu. You’ll need to use Friendship Points to trade, so make sure you’ve stocked up on some before you do – if your friend has a really amazing player, it might cost you!

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