Hair Salon

Hair Salon

System: Nintendo DSi Release date: 13/11/2009
Hair Salon
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Looking great can make you feel great and facing the world with confidence is something that everybody deserves, but sometimes your tried and tested style can begin to feel a little stale and a fresh new image is the only solution. The question is: what to go for? Nobody wants their makeover to be a make-under! As the first Nintendo DSi-exclusive release, Hair Salon allows you to get a sneak preview before you go for the chop or simply have fun creating riotous new styles – just snap a photo of yourself or a friend using the cameras of the Nintendo DSi to try out something new with zero commitment.

Hair Salon lets you cut and style your hair and makeup any way you want: curly or sleek, long or short, choppy texture or smooth locks. Make a chic ‘up do’, create a cascade of waves or try on wild wigs. You can construct a classic natural look of barely-there makeup or be bold and futuristic with splashes of colour. Putting your best face forward has never been easier or more fun and with over 15,000 possible combinations you can try out anything you can imagine!

The main game of Hair Salon puts you in the competition to become the best stylist around. Train up to become a visionary beautician with the talents to trim, tint and artfully arrange hair then expertly apply flawless makeup to give your clients the appearance they desire. Delivering exactly what customers want and winning competitions earns you prestige and money, helping you rise to the top of the salon community. A bigger bank balance allows you to increase your product range and upgrade your salon from a humble beauty parlour to a style clinic worthy of only the most exclusive clientele!

So if you love the fun of playing with hair and makeup, if you fancy a makeover and want a little help before you bite the bullet or if you want to step into the shoes of a top hairdresser then Hair Salon will help you to realise your most stylish dreams, only on Nintendo DSi.

  • Hair Salon is Europe's first ever Nintendo DSi-exclusive release! Hair Salon comes on a Nintendo DSi Game Card which cannot be used with the Nintendo DS or Nintendo DS Lite system.
  • Putting yourself in the picture is easy with Hair Salon's Automatic Face Recognition: position your face as instructed and when a perfect portrait is guaranteed your photo is automatically taken.
  • Try out glamorous new fashions without the worry of a follicle faux pas or cosmetics disaster, or alternatively put your friends and family in the stylist's chair and give them crazy makeovers just for fun!
  • Use Multi-Card Play to swap your gorgeous creations with friends wirelessly.

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