Guitar Hero: On Tour


Nintendo DS Game Card

Release date

Are you ready to rock on the road?

Guitar Hero: On Tour lets you take the hard-strumming Guitar Hero experience wherever you go. Utilising the revolutionary Guitar Hero Guitar Grip peripheral that fits snugly into the Nintendo DS’s Game Pak slot, Guitar Hero: On Tour gives fans a chance to shred along with their favourite tunes with complete portability. 

The soundtrack features the most diverse set list of master tracks ever offered in a Guitar Hero game, including classic rock, alternative and pop favourites. For the first time, the same epic music, gameplay and graphics players have come to expect in the console version have combined into one handheld package, creating the most ground-breaking gaming experience to date.

With a vast collection of Gibson guitars, five unlockable new venues and six characters to choose from – including two new rockers exclusive to the DS – players can personalise their Guitar Hero experience to their hearts’ desire.

  • With the Guitar Hero Guitar Grip attachment, fans can take their music on the road. An ergonomic extension that mimics a guitar fret board, the peripheral fits seamlessly into your hand to deliver a unique Guitar Hero experience.
  • Included with the game is a new Guitar Hero pick-stylus that lets you strum away in style on the DS Touch Screen.
  • Players can connect wirelessly to compete with their friends in head-to-head Guitar Duels or shred cooperatively with multiplayer modes including Face Off, Pro Face Off and Co-Op. For the solo rocker, single-player modes include Career and Quick Play.
  • Warm up your pipes! Players can yell “Rock Out” directly into the DS microphone to activate star power.