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Ghost Trick Phantom Detective from Capcom, is a combination of a mystery, logic puzzles and a supernatural thriller, only for the Nintendo DS.

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Help Sissel discover his identity

Sissel appears to have lost his memory and if that weren't enough he rather appears to have been murdered too. On top of all this it's just bound to be raining. Typical.

With no memory of who he is (or to be more exact, was), zero clue why he was done away with and only the few hours remaining until dawn breaks before his soul will vanish forever, there's only one thing for the proactive, amnesiac spectre to do: Sissel must solve his own murder. Which will be tricky, what with him no longer being among the living. Luckily, his new best buddy, a possessed lamp is around to show him the ropes of the spirit form. During the limited hours he has left to uncover the truth behind his premature demise, Sissel bravely resolves to make use of his supernatural abilities to protect other innocents from a similar, unexpected fate.

From the creator of the Ace Attorney series

Thus begins the story of Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, a humorous new puzzle adventure for the Nintendo DS from Capcom. With Shu Takumi - the original creator of the Ace Attorney series - at the helm, this otherworldly adventure mixes kooky humour with a sentimental, engrossing story and is packed with perplexing logic puzzles from beginning to end. Vividly brought to life with stylish characters, beautiful animation and high production values, this offering from Capcom allows you to step into the spectral shoes of Sissel's ghost and make right some wrongs that have yet to come.

Possess and manipulate objects to change fate

Possession may be nine-tenths of the law but in Sissel's case it's what he's all about! While he can't talk to or touch people he can get his poltergeist on with objects in the environment: briefly possessing items to manipulate or use them and by doing so evoking reactions from living people in the real world. As Sissel's unquiet spirit can only hop to objects within a certain radius, you'll need to use the stylus to draw his path on the Touch Screen through a chain of items to get from one side of a scene to the other. Find the path to the right item and you might just get a reaction that changes the course of fate. With this power Sissel can distract clueless would-be victims towards safety or surreptitiously get in the way of the bad guy with bad deeds on his mind.

Find the right route

There are always several routes you can take, some more obvious, some hidden at first glance. Can you be Sissel's spirit guide and sleuth out the right way forward? Do the right thing, bring the bad guys to justice and reach back from the beyond in Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective.

An intricate, stylish and funny puzzle adventure developed by Shu Takumi, original creator of the Ace Attorney series, only for the Nintendo DS.

A supernatural tale packed with brain-teasing situations, combining physical and mental logic puzzles to keep you thinking outside the box.

Use the stylus to draw the right path through items Sissel can possess to solve puzzles, phantasmagorically flummox the baddies and beckon innocent folks towards safety.

The story comprises a dozen chapters which add up to hours of challenging, intriguing gameplay.

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