Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training: How Old is Your Brain?


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A smash hit on Nintendo DS, the renowned Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training encouraged millions of users worldwide to keep their minds sharp with simple, daily exercises.

There are more than a dozen different numerical and verbal exercises to give your grey matter a workout, designed to be played for a few minutes each day. You can track your training with the in-built calendar, and test your progress by checking your Brain Age score.

Also included is a separate sudoku mode, for when you want a break from training!


When you first start Brain Training, you will be asked for your date of birth and to confirm whether you are right or left-handed. Then your current score in the form of a ‘DS Brain Age’ is determined by a quick test which measures the speed and accuracy with which you perform the exercises.

Once you have confirmed your Brain Age, it’s time to start training your mind to improve your score. Brain Training includes more than a dozen different numerical and verbal exercises which are designed to be played for just a few minutes a day. A built-in calendar tracks your progress and you get a ‘stamp’ for completing each day’s exercises.


Brain Training also features sudoku for when you want a break from training.

Numbers can be written on the Touch Screen and you can also make notes along the edge of the grid, like in the paper-based puzzle.

There are three difficulty levels of puzzle available and also a tutorial mode for players who are new to sudoku.