DRAGON QUEST VI: Realms of Reverie

DRAGON QUEST VI: Realms of Reverie

System: Nintendo DS Release date: 20/05/2011
DRAGON QUEST VI: Realms of Reverie
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Travel between two mysterious worlds and find out the truth about yourself in this remake of a classic RPG, never before released in Europe.

Dragon Quest 6 brings a classic RPG to Nintendo DS

Dragon Quest is a series of role-playing games created by Yuji Horii, first appearing on the Famicom System in Japan in 1986. The first time one of the main games in the series came to Europe on a Nintendo system wasn't until in 2008, when a remake of Dragon Quest IV, titled "Dragon Quest: The Chapters of the Chosen" was released for the Nintendo DS system.

Originally released only in Japan on the Super Famicom system in 1995, this is the first time that the story of Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Reverie has been made available in Europe.

The story of Dragon Quest VI

It's the final encounter… you and two comrades make your way through the deep forest and ride swiftly astride a great dragon to the keep of a fiend named Murdaw.

As you traverse the lonely corridors, a sense of unease settles over your party, and it's not long before you reach the throne room and an epic encounter begins...

You're confronted by the demonic Murdaw and you realise instantly it's a trap - he spins you and your friends around in mid-air like puppets, before closing in for the final...

OOF! You wake up sprawled on the floor of your bedroom with a lump on your head. It was all a dream! Or was it? You don't know if it's the knock to your noggin or some bizarre joke, but you can't remember who or where you are...

One thing's for sure - in order to set things straight, you'll have to embark on a dangerous adventure, filled with discovery and duality. This won't be the last time you visit the world of your dreams...

A Dragon Quest game full of brave characters

YOU are the star of this adventure - quiet, tough, and with a tendency to heroism. Your role in this story is even greater than you at first realise.

Milly has mysterious powers, and for some reason can see people from other realms in her presence. She is a vital companion on this quest.

Roaming the world to improve his skills as a martial artist, Carver is a vital companion in battle. After an inauspicious start, the Hero and Carver quickly become best mates.

Young and gifted, Nevan comes from a village known for its skilled healers. These support skills will make him an invaluable ally.

Ashlynn is a highly adept sorceress, suffering from a severe case of amnesia. She will learn powerful magic spells throughout her travels.

The mysterious fighter Terry is unmatched as a swordsman, but this comes with a touch of arrogance and superiority - what's his problem?

More Heroes to Find
There are other heroes throughout the land, some to be found in quite unexpected places. They may only join if certain requirements are met, so thorough exploration is a must.

Square Enix and Nintendo invite you to Realms of Reverie

In Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Reverie, gameplay is intuitive and easy to pick up for both RPG enthusiasts and adventure game fans - while providing enough depth for even the most seasoned player.

While exploring fields, caves, towers and other dangerous places, enemies will strike, catching you unaware. Use the weapons and skills of each member of your party to fend off your assailants by targeting their weak points. You can assign a "tactic" to each party member to make battles more automated, or you can choose which actions they carry out one-by-one.

Defeat monsters in battle to obtain gold and experience points. Gold can be used to purchase equipment and items in shops around the world. When you earn enough experience points you'll "level up" your heroes - they may learn new skills or spells and will receive a boost to stats such as HP, MP, Strength, and more. When travelling with the wagon, even party members resting inside will gain experience points.

No hero is complete without a set of protective gear and a devastating weapon to annihilate the bad guys with. Equipment can be found in towns, caves, towers, and even prised from the grip of defeated foes. Each character has unique equipment options and restrictions, so accessorise wisely and upgrade often.

Discover the various vocations of Dragon Quest 6

Becoming an all-round hero and creating a well-balanced party is the key to success in battle. Try changing vocations to learn advanced skills and gain an edge in battle. With many vocations to choose from, your path to success can be negotiated in a variety of ways!

How it Works
The priest at Alltrades Abbey can grant adventurers the ability to change their vocation at will. Nine vocations can be chosen at first, with seven more unlockable as the initial vocations are mastered - plus hidden vocations that only the most skilled explorers will sniff out.

Skills & Mastery
With each vocation comes unique skills and spells to learn. The more battles fought, the more skills are learned, as long as the defeated enemies are of a comparable level to the party. These abilities carry over when new vocations are taken on, allowing a Martial Artist to have a Mage's arsenal of offensive magic, a Priest to have the fancy footwork of a Dancer and so on. Fight enough battles to master different vocations and mould your party into a multi-talented crew!

The Various Vocations

As you would expect, a Warrior possesses superior strength and can learn powerful sword skills. Always useful for taking out the big guns.

Martial Artist
A combination of great strength and speed allow martial artists to strike hard and fast, with astounding agility.

Mages specialise in a plethora of powerful spells. Their fancy fingerwork can cause enemies to crash and burn, freeze in their tracks or doze off for forty winks instantly.

The gentle Priest brings skills just as valuable as any high-octane assault. He concentrates on healing and boosting his comrades, vital for staying in the fight.

The skills of a dancer are surprisingly useful in a skirmish. High agility and status-affecting footwork can leave enemies both dazzled and dilapidated.

The speedy and nimble Thief has a variety of ways to make the party's life "richer." Take up this vocation and find out how.

Monster Master
Taming beasts has never been easier than for a Monster Master. They can inflict a wide variety of status effects on unlucky foes.

Bring along this savvy trader to earn more gold after battles, and watch your wealth grow and grow!

These maniacal minstrels are easily distracted in battle, and sometimes hard to control. But hidden in their silliness are some truly powerful skills.

Master both the Warrior and Martial Artist vocations to become a Gladiator, which ups the ante on strength and attack skill considerably.

Masters of both the Warrior and Mage vocations can combine offensive strength with elemental magic, making for particularly effective attacks.

By mastering the Martial Artist and Priest vocations, the path of the Paladin opens up, leading to party support skills and increased offense.

By combining the skill set of both the Mage and the Priest, a Sage can learn the most powerful of attacking, defensive, and healing magic.

To become Ranger, one must first master the Thief, Monster Master, & Merchant vocations. Combining the best traits of each, the Ranger is wise and agile.

Masters of the Dancer and Gadabout vocations can become a Luminary, blessed with style and charisma that befits a superstar adventurer.

The requirements to take on this legendary vocation are unknown, but it is well worth researching... the attributes and unique skills of a Hero are one in a million!

Secret Vocations
For the most thorough of adventurers, there are more hidden vocations to find. Search every nook and cranny for clues - their unique skills are well worth the effort.

Recruit Slimes in your party

A select number of monsters may join the party's cause if the right conditions present themselves. These friendly foes can gain levels, equip weapons, and take on vocations just like their human counterparts.

A Healslime with restorative powers, this fellow can be indispensable in tough battles.

Need some extra healing muscle? This Cureslime will bring powerful recovery skills to the table.

This friendly blue Slime is a great all-around fighter, handy to have waiting in the wings.

This killer fighting combo of Slime and Knight adds a bit of extra oomph to your adventuring party.

Nothing like a little Slime royalty to class up the party! This big and bouncy King Slime has strength to spare.

Mean, green, and ferocious, this axe-wielding Hackasaurus can cause quite a bruising. Good thing she's on the hero's side.

Liquid Metal Slimes are notoriously hard to damage, making them a great line of defence in any questing crew.

This seagoing Shell Slime, similar to her land-going cousin, comes through with flying colours for any party in a pinch.

Watch Slime's spotted cousin go! This Mottle Slime is a great companion to have as backup in the Wagon.

Play the new Slippin Slime minigame!

Get ready to take on a game of curling with a difference - it's Slippin' Slime! Use the stylus on the Touch Screen to guide your Slime pal round a range of tantalisingly treacherous courses and see if you can bag yourself a top score and the champion's title! Look out for the different Slippin' Slime machines as you progress on your journey.

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