Cooking Guide: Can’t Decide What to Eat?


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Cook up a storm in the kitchen with Cooking Guide: Can’t Decide What to Eat? for Nintendo DS! With hundreds of recipes from all around the globe, comprehensive details on how to prepare every dish and a host of handy extras, Cooking Guide is much more than just a cook book. It’s your all-in-one personal cooking assistant!

From details on what utensils you’ll need to prepare every meal to instructional videos showing you how to perform more complex cooking procedures, novice and expert chefs alike will find something to satisfy their tastes.  

Finding the perfect recipe is a piece of cake with Cooking Guide. Using the DS Touch Screen, you can easily search for popular dishes from a particular country by exploring the world map or enter your specific requirements and find the perfect meal to match. Need to cook something spicy for four people but don’t have much time to spare? Let Cooking Guide narrow down the suitable recipes for you just by entering your specific needs.  

It’s also possible to find recipes that make use of whatever ingredients you might have on hand. Just write the key ingredient you wish to use on the DS Touch Screen and take your pick from the recipes that appear. You can further narrow down meal options by specifying finer details like how many calories they should contain or how difficult they are to prepare. A detailed list of instructions will ensure you cook every dish to perfection whilst the voice of a friendly chef offering advice means you can always be sure of some company in the kitchen!

And before the cooking begins, you can compile a shopping list of all the ingredients you need and take Cooking Guide to the shop to add up your bill with its handy calculator function. Add to the blend Cooking Guide’s built-in timer, and it’s easy to see how it can assist you both in and out of the kitchen!

The more you use Coking Guide, you’ll unlock tasty new recipes and build up a list of favourite dishes that you can easily access and prepare all over again. With so much on offer, Cooking Guide is bound to have you coming back for seconds!

  • Access hundreds of recipes from all over the world and cook them to perfection by following simple step-by-step guides.
  • Search for recipes based on how long they take to cook, key ingredient, ease of preparation, country of origin and much more!
  • Watch instructional videos to learn advanced food preparation techniques and use the multitude of built-in features to help make the cooking process easier at every stage.
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