Bleach: Dark Souls

Bleach: Dark Souls

System: Nintendo DS Release date: 13/03/2009
Bleach: Dark Souls
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It’s time to re-enter the fray and uncover the latest happenings in the life of an ordinary, everyday teenager-who’s-become-a-Soul-Reaper. Are you itchin’ to go? Then prepare for the battle of a lifetime as you become Ichigo Kurosaki in Bleach: Dark Souls on Nintendo DS!

Based on the popular Japanese Bleach anime series, Bleach: Dark Souls picks up the story from the epic fighter Bleach: The Blade of Fate. Featuring an impressive roster of 44 characters to choose from and scores of special combos and Super Power Attacks to master, this is an all-out action game where success depends on both brawn and brain power.

In Story mode, you play Ichigo Kurosaki, a young man who discovers one of his friends has gone missing. And events have taken an even darker turn as the evil ‘Hollows’ have found a way to infiltrate the Soul Society. On the bright side, this has opened up your player options, as you can now opt to fight on the side of good or evil for the first time in the series! And that’s not all that’s new – like before, up to four players can battle online at the same time, but now you can create tag team matches to notch up the excitement.

There are seven modes in total: Story, Arcade, Versus, Training and Challenge modes, as well as two unlockable modes. Over 100 mission-based scenarios make for some serious swordplay and an enhanced battle system takes the series to a whole new level. Bleach: Dark Souls also introduces special new Bankai moves and attacks, including some that avid fans of the TV series are sure to recognise….

Other brand new content includes an in-depth Bleach encyclopedia for all the Bleach-related facts you never knew you didn’t know, multiple costumes and wallpapers.

Bleach: Dark Souls is another high-action, sword-clashing instalment in a quality series – how dark is your soul?

  • 30 new Power-up Cards and Power Crystals to customise the Spirit Card Deck!
  • Seven electrifying gameplay modes, including two unlockable modes!
  • Multiplayer battles with new personalisation options!
  • Huge cast of 44 characters to choose from
  • Use Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection to play with up to three friends!

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