Another Code: Two Memories


Nintendo DS Game Card

Release date

For 11 years, Ashley believed her parents were dead. But on the eve of her 14th birthday, she receives a letter from her father, which whisks her on an adventure she will never forget.

Another Code: Two Memories blends gorgeous anime-style visuals with clever use of the Nintendo DS’ unique features, as you explore a mysterious island for clues to your parents’ disappearance. Use the dual screens to see first and third-person views at the same time, manipulate objects using the Touch Screen and stylus, and blow into the built-in microphone to remove dust from ancient artefacts.

On the top screen, you see what Ashley sees, while the bottom screen shows a top-down view of the area she’s in. Dragging the stylus around the Touch Screen controls Ashley’s movements. Almost everything in an area can be examined. Simply walk Ashley over to an item, tap an icon, and the view changes to a close-up from where you can examine the object more closely, just by touching it.

On top of the mind-bending puzzles that await you at every turn, a twisting, turning supernatural storyline will suck you in and refuse to let go, making Another Code a must-have for budding investigators everywhere!

  • Control the adventure on the Touch Screen; pointing and clicking with your stylus to move around and examine clues.
  • Lose yourself in a thrilling storyline as you try to uncover the truth behind the disappearance of Ashley’s parents.
  • The dual screens of your DS give you two different perspectives on the adventure at the same time.