New Art Academy

Try out new skills and discover hidden talents you didn't know you had in New Art Academy for Nintendo 3DS! With over 30 brand-new lessons to get your creative hands on, New Art Academy will have you painting and drawing your own masterpieces and sharing them with your friends and family in no time.

Whether you can't manage more than a stickman or are already a proficient painter, New Art Academy features lessons for everybody with both Introductory and Advanced Courses that offer easy to follow, step-by-step guides to a variety of drawing and painting techniques, styles and materials. You'll notice how your skills develop quickly and your confidence grows as you progress – the different methods are easy to pick up and explained clearly. Some of the reference images for the lessons are displayed as 3D videos, such as a tree with moving leaves or a river with flowing water.

If you just want to doodle or to practise a technique you have just learned, such as creating a stunning portrait, the Free Paint mode gives you an unlimited blank canvas to use at your will as well as a wide range of art materials to try out.

Enjoy mastering different materials – paints and brushes, as well as a wide variety of coloured pencils, pastels and many different accessories at your disposal. These additional accessories include Scratch Pads for testing your artistic implement of choice, a Colour Wheel to help choose similar or complementary colours for an image when using the paints, and even a Blending tool for smoothly blending the pastels together. The accessories will help to make your pieces look even more realistic and create a more in-depth experience for the user, and further extend the creative possibilities whilst learning new skills and effects.

Be proud of your work and show it off to family and friends around the world; with New Art Academy you have plenty of possibilities to share your creations and can send your greatest masterpieces to your loved ones via SpotPass.

Become a virtual art teacher! You can also create and share your own interactive lessons for your friends and family to enjoy! Select a subject, perhaps inspired from a photo you've taken on your Nintendo 3DS, then teach your friends a favourite technique or style, and share it via local wireless or online via SpotPass.

Always wanted to have your very own art gallery? Well, now you can! Hang your art in your in-game museum and admire your handiwork as you walk around.

To begin learning new artistic techniques and painting masterpieces, there's no better place to start than in New Art Academy, for Nintendo 3DS.

  • New lessons, new equipment and new skills await you!
  • Whether you're a complete novice or already a budding artist, you're sure to learn something new from either the Introductory or Advanced Courses
  • Share your masterpieces with friends and family via local wireless or online via SpotPass

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New Art Academy

TypeDownload version (Nintendo 3DS)
Release date17/08/2012

TypeNintendo 3DS Game Card
Release date28/07/2012
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