Mario Kart 7

Mario Kart 7

System: Nintendo 3DS Release date: 02/12/2011


Game Overview

Soar through the sky and dive underwater as the world of racing gets bigger, better, and enters the third dimension!

Not only can you now customise your kart to your heart's content, you are also able to put yourself in the driving seat and steer by using motion controls.

The Multiplayer fun has also been greatly enhanced. Play against people who are nearby, or use the Internet to play with people from all over the world in all-new ways!

Race on land, underwater and in the sky!
See the Courses

Build your favourite ride from custom parts!
Go to Customise your Kart

Find opponents all over the world!
Check out Online Play

Use the first-person camera and tilt your system left and right to steer!


Game Modes

Try your hand at a Grand Prix or Battle in Single Player mode, or race against all your friends. Connect to the Internet to play with up to 8 friends from all over the world.

Single Player

Grand Prix

Jostle for first position and compete in eight cups.
There are 32 courses in total, including 16 that make their debut in Mario Kart 7.

Time Trials

Select a course and aim to set the best time. You can also race against a 'ghost kart' - a saved replay of the record lap.

Balloon Battle

Battle with other characters and aim to burst all their balloons using items. Break the most within the time limit to take first place!

Coin Battle

Choose a stage and grab as many coins as you can. Collect more coins than your rivals to win the battle!



Up to eight players can play Mario Kart 7 using just one Game Card, as long as they've all got a Nintendo 3DS system.
* Players who do not have a Mario Kart 7 Game Card will automatically have Shy Guy selected as their character.


More Details


Race against players of a similar skill level from all over the world.


You can race registered friends, previous opponents and people you've met via StreetPass.


Play by your rules in a community of choice.


Mario Kart Channel

Exchange data with other players via StreetPass and SpotPass.


Automatically exchange Mii characters, player names, ghost data and community information with the people you encounter.


Automatically connect to the Internet to receive ghost data and recommended community information from all over the world.




Choose your favourite driver from a host of unique characters or let your own Mii take the wheel! New characters in Mario Kart 7 include Metal Mario and Lakitu - familiar to fans of the series as the Koopa who counts down at the start of the race!

New Characters


Metal Mario

Just as heavy as his shiny steel appearance suggests, and his top speed is very impressive indeed.


A lightweight driver who excels at handling, Lakitu has finally decided to take to the track!

Honey Queen

She might look elegant, but don’t let that fool you. This regal racer can hold her own and won’t be easily nudged off track.


Hitting the road for the first time, Wiggler is a debut driver with a competitive nature. This is one caterpillar that can’t be accused of crawling along!

Classic Characters


Mario balances acceleration and top speed, making him an easy character to race with.


Just like his brother Mario, Luigi is a steady and stable driver, capable of dealing with any situation.


The dainty, lighweight princess has the acceleration to build up a big lead on her rivals. She's the character to select if you like to build up a big lead early in the race.


Yoshi boasts great acceleration at the expense of top speed, and excels at getting back up to speed following a crash.


Bowser is a real heavyweight, and while his acceleration leaves a lot to be desired, his top speed is top class.

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong is a driver with a wild side, and he's ready to smash his rivals off the track.


Toad has great acceleration, but always comes off badly in collisions. He's a character that suits the quick-witted player.

Koopa Troopa

This lightweight driver has excellent acceleration, but it's on corners that he can really show what he's capable of.


Daisy is the tomboy princess who’s always one of the first out of the blocks thanks to her outstanding acceleration.


For Wario, speed thrills. Don’t be surprised if you find him in your slipstream – or if he’s strong enough to brush you aside with his impressive strength.


Tougher than she looks, Rosalina can take hard knocks and makes up for what she lacks in acceleration with great top speed.

Shy Guy

The diminutive Shy Guy won’t be bullying the big boys, but his light frame does make for superb handling.

Your Mii takes the wheel!

You can even race using your very own Mii.




In total there are 32 courses in the game to race on, with 16 brand new for Mario Kart 7 and 16 retro courses taken from previous games in the series.
In Mario Kart 7 you'll even gain a new perspective on the retro courses by taking to the skies or diving underwater!

Mushroom Cup

Mushroom Cup
Toad Circuit
Daisy Hills
Cheep Cheep Cape
Shy Guy Bazaar

Flower Cup

Flower Cup
Wuhu Island Loop
Mario Circuit
Melody Motorway
Alpine Pass

Star Cup

Star Cup
Piranha Plant Pipeway
Wario's Galleon
Koopa City
Wuhu Mountain Loop

Special Cup

Special Cup
DK Jungle
Rosalina's Ice World
Bowser's Castle
Rainbow Road

Shell Cup

Shell Cup
N64 Luigi Raceway
GBA Bowser Castle 1
Wii Mushroom Gorge
DS Luigi's Mansion

Banana Cup

Banana Cup
N64 Koopa Troopa Beach
SNES Mario Circuit 2
Wii Coconut Mall
DS Waluigi Pinball

Leaf Cup

Leaf Cup
N64 Kalimari Desert
DS DK Pass
GCN Daisy Cruiser
Wii Maple Treeway

Lightning Cup

Lightning Cup
Wii Koopa Cape
GCN Dino Dino Jungle
DS Airship Fortress
SNES Rainbow Road

Battle Stages

GBA Battle Course 1
Honeybee House
N64 Big Donut
Sherbet Rink
DS Palm Shore
Wuhu Town


Customise your Kart

Combine a frame, tyres and glider to create your own custom kart. Collect coins during races to buy additional parts and construct a vehicle that suits your style!

Selected Examples

A speedster's choice
B Dasher
Super Glider

Robust handling with a touch of elegance
Royal Ribbon
Peach Parasol

A heavyweight's champion
Bolt Buggy

Floating like a feather through the sky
Cloud 9
Flower Glider



Pick up items by driving through the item boxes found on every course. Turn any race in your favour by making good use of the items you're given!
"Use the Facebook button on each item to surprise your friends with a Mario Kart 7 item on their Wall!

TIP: Select  ""On a friend's Wall"" from the dropdown menu in the Facebook pop-up for the best effect!"


Fire Flower

Lets you throw fireballs for a short time. Getting hit with a fireball sends your kart into a spin.
You've been hit by the power of my Fire Flower! Think you can still catch up in Mario Kart 7 on Nintendo 3DS?

Super Leaf

Gives your kart a tail. You can use the tail to attack opponents and to repel items that your rivals have fired at you.
Tailing me in Mario Kart 7 for Nintendo 3DS isn’t a good idea! Thanks to the Super Leaf I’ve got a new way to watch my back and sweep you aside.

Lucky 7

Seven different items surround your kart, ready for you to use one at a time.
Do you feel lucky? You’re going to have to be to survive the seven items I just picked up in Mario Kart 7 for Nintendo 3DS.


Drop one of these on the course to send any karts who touch it into a spin!
I’m going to send you spinning with a Banana in Mario Kart 7 for Nintendo 3DS. I warned you to stay out of my slipstream!

Triple Banana

Equips your kart with three bananas that can be used one at a time.
They say you should eat five portions of fruit a day. Drive too close in Mario Kart 7 for Nintendo 3DS and I’ll make sure you're well on your way...

Green Shell

This shell will travel in a straight line when used, and will knock over the first kart it hits.
If green is for “go”, why is it you keep getting stopped in your tracks by my Green Shells? Face me in Mario Kart 7 for Nintendo 3DS if you dare!

Triple Green Shell

Three Green Shells surround your kart, ready to be used one at a time.
Get too close to me in Mario Kart 7 for Nintendo 3DS and I can guarantee you three Green Shells for the price of one. Deal?

Red Shell

This shell locks onto and chases the rival kart in front of you, knocking it over upon contact.
Just when you thought you were pulling away from the pack, I wanted to share this Red Shell with you. There are plenty more in store in Mario Kart 7 for Nintendo 3DS.

Triple Red Shell

Three Red Shells surround your kart, ready to be used one at a time.
Does getting hit by a Red Shell irritate you? Maybe if I hit you with three you’ll start to see the funny side of it in Mario Kart 7 for Nintendo 3DS.

Spiny Shell

Locks onto and chases after the vehicle in the lead, knocking it over on impact and also knocking over any vehicles it hits on its way.
Special delivery! You’re in first place and so close to the finish line, but the Spiny Shell ensures the first sometimes finish last in Mario Kart 7 for Nintendo 3DS. 


Throw or drop a Bob-omb onto the course and it will explode after a short amount of time or when a kart comes near it. Karts that are caught in the blast will be knocked over or spin out of control.
Bang go your chances of beating me in Mario Kart 7 for Nintendo 3DS! Bob-ombs make every race a little more explosive.

Dash Mushroom

Gives your kart a brief speed boost.
You look like you might need some help getting up to speed in Mario Kart 7 for Nintendo 3DS. This Dash Mushroom should do the trick!

Triple Dash Mushroom

Three Dash Mushrooms for you to use as you see fit.
Don’t be surprised if you see me speeding by in Mario Kart 7 for Nintendo 3DS. With a Triple Dash Mushroom I’m the fastest thing on four wheels!

Golden Dash Mushroom

A Dash Mushroom that you can use as many times as you like for a short period of time.
If you’re going to keep up with me in Mario Kart 7 for Nintendo 3DS, this Golden Dash Mushroom might be your only hope. I’m just saying.

Bullet Bill

Temporarily transforms you into a Bullet Bill, whizzing you around the course at high speed. Any karts that get in your way will be knocked over.
I’m not faster than a speeding bullet, I am a speeding bullet! Get out of my way or get sent flying in Mario Kart 7 for Nintendo 3DS.


Sprays ink all over any karts that are in front of you, making it difficult for them to see where they're going.
Now you see that hairpin bend with no safety barrier, now you don’t. That’s the magic of Blooper in Mario Kart 7 for Nintendo 3DS! 


Causes rival karts to spin out of control before shrinking them and reducing their speed for a short time.
Skies flashing, karts spinning, hopes of first place collapsing. That’s just the start of your problems when I use Lightning in Mario Kart 7 for Nintendo 3DS!

Super Star

Makes your kart temporarily invincible and capable of knocking over any other karts it touches. Your kart's speed is also increased.
Give me your best shot! With the Super Star in Mario Kart 7 for Nintendo 3DS I’m the king of the road no matter what you throw at me!


Online Play

Mario Kart 7 gives you the opportunity to race against all sorts of people: friends in the same room, people you walk past, and players from all over the world!



Up to eight players from anywhere in the world can race or battle together. Your opponents will be selected from players who have a similar skill level to yours.



Your friends, people you've already played against, and people you've encountered via StreetPass are added to the list of people you can play with online.



Create an online space for just you and your friends to gather.

Joining a community means you don't have to register every single person you want to play with as a friend. Communities make it easy for friends to gather online and play together.

Community of Friends Nearby
Community of Friends Around the World

Creating a Community
Anyone can create a community - you just need to choose the game settings for it and share the code assigned to the community with your friends.
* Any one player can create a maximum of eight communities.

Participating in a Community
You can join Communities by searching for them using their community code (given to you by a friend who's a member), or by choosing them from a list of recommended communities received via SpotPass.

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