LEGO CITY Undercover: The Chase Begins

LEGO CITY Undercover: The Chase Begins

System: Nintendo 3DS Release date: 26/04/2013

Step into the shoes of rookie cop Chase McCain and take him from zero to hero, to become the super cop he was always destined to be, in LEGO CITY Undercover: The Chase Begins, exclusively on Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL!

Chase McCain’s a rookie cop, but he’s eager to get all the way to the top and become a police legend. His first missions will see him hunting down hoodlums in his neighbourhood area, but it’s not long before he realises there’s more to the LEGO® CITY crime underworld than meets the eye ­ and embarks on an epic quest to bring justice to the whole city!

Explore the open world of LEGO® CITY, as you go undercover to make the crucial arrests of the city’s crooks. Adopt a wide variety of different disguises, each giving Chase special abilities, in order to access different areas of the city and complete the various missions you’ve been assigned. As well as these missions, there are plenty of other activities to undertake and collectables to unlock that are completely unique to this handheld game!

So what are you waiting for? Dive into a hilarious blockbuster of a LEGO adventure and ensure our hero becomes a crime-busting legend!

  • Enjoy the prequel to Wii U LEGO CITY Undercover as you take on a completely different adventure!
  • Unlock over 50 types of vehicle and over 70 Minifigures!
  • Activate Super Builds – giant LEGO structures that will aid you in your quest
  • Use the motion controls of Nintendo 3DS to bring LEGO CITY to life!

You can only appreciate the 3D effect of Nintendo 3DS on the system itself. All screenshots and game footage on this site are captured in 2D mode.


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Explore the world of LEGO® CITY


In your crusade to crush the crooks, you’ll take on missions that will have you doing everything from collecting doughnuts for your diet-averse deputy, to saving damsels in distress from imminent danger. To activate a mission, simply locate the mission icon on your map on the Touch Screen and head towards it!

Missions are all fine and good, but it’s important to take some time out to scout out your surroundings too, and LEGO® CITY is a big open-world playground, ripe for exploration! The fastest way to get around is to commandeer a set of wheels, and Chase’s police status means he can take control of over 50 types of vehicle!


Of course, as a bobby on the beat, Chase will also spend a lot of time on his feet, and you can use his Free Running ability to scale buildings and clear obstructions at high speed. Look out for blue and white-coloured obstacles as you explore and hit the B Button as you approach them to enable this skill.

Disguises and combat!

Going undercover is the secret to success in this town and, luckily, Chase is a disguise virtuoso. There are many different disguises for Chase to discover, and each one has special abilities and equipment, which he’ll need to use in order to progress through the game.


No matter how good his disguise though, a cop still needs to have convincing combat skills when there’s no choice but to duke it out. Chase can take on multiple enemies in LEGO® CITY Undercover and has a range of moves to unleash. Whether it’s a grab or a counter attack, the more variety Chase displays during his fisticuffs, the more LEGO® Studs come his way when he’s defeated and handcuffed his opponents.

Collect, build and conquer!

There are loads of different collectables to find in the game. Each type brings its own rewards:


LEGO® Studs

You’ll find these scattered everywhere around the LEGO® CITY world. You can also get them by defeating enemies and destroying objects. Spend them on vehicles, disguises and Red Brick extras in the police station Operations Room.


Super Bricks

There’s a good rule-of-thumb for collecting Super Bricks. If you can break something, it will contain a Super Brick! Go on a destructive rampage and when you find enough, you’ll be able to build super-cool Super Build structures - giant LEGO® creations you can use in the game. There are also some hidden Super Bricks to hunt out as you progress through the adventure.


Red Bricks

There are a select number of special Red Bricks to find. Collect them and unlock Red Brick extras.



If you find an observation point, try out the binoculars. Aim at just the right spot and be rewarded with a permanent memento!


Vehicle and Disguise Tokens

If you stumble across these beauties, be sure to nab them. They will unlock different vehicles and disguises, that you can then purchase with Studs at the police station.


Chase McCain

Our hero, Chase, is an all-round good guy with a smart mind and a smarter mouth. Chase has a gift for disguising himself, which rapidly leads to him becoming the go-to guy when undercover work is on the agenda.


Chief Gleeson

Head of the LEGO® CITY Police Department and Chase’s boss, Gleeson is a formidable woman who knows her stuff and is firm but fair.


Deputy Dunby

Gleeson’s deputy, Dunby is the archetypal police boss – and not in a good way. Loud, crass, and permanently stuffing doughnuts down his gullet, this is one guy Chase needs to be careful around - if he wants his career to progress past cake delivery errands, that is...


Rex Fury

There’s never been a badder bad guy than bad ol’ Rex Fury. He’s mean, he’s tough and he gets through a lot of gel keeping that criminal hairstyle in place!


Natalia Kowalski

Natalia has a nose for trouble – and trouble is never far away. She’s a journalist who’s been reporting on LEGO® City’s recent crimewave. Seems she might have some insider information, which can only mean an encounter with Chase sometime soon…

Motion Controls

Use the unique features of Nintendo 3DS to become an undercover cop like never before!

Listen in on secret conversations by using Chase’s Wiretapping ability and the motion controls of Nintendo 3DS. Find a wiretap location and press the A Button to start searching for a signal. By moving the Nintendo 3DS around, you can home in on the conversation you want to overhear!


Scanning your environment for clues is another chance to immerse yourself in the action. Simply move the Nintendo 3DS system around you to scan, just as if you were actually in LEGO® CITY!



There are scores of collectable studs, bricks and tokens to find across LEGO® CITY. You can send these to other players using the StreetPass function of Nintendo 3DS. Take a trip to the police station and check out the Gift Packages screen. Here you can send and receive special packages containing up to five LEGO® CITY collectables. Just make sure you activate the StreetPass option when prompted when you first start up the game. You can also select it in the System Settings menu of your Nintendo 3DS system.

Unlock Codes

Fancy getting your hands on even more disguises and vehicles? Try these Unlock Codes in your game. Simply head to the police station and stand in front of the Mainframe computer. Select "Codes" from the options that appear and input the code/s of your choice below!

Forestman disguise - kkrrwx

Mime disguise - tfwfvs

Spartan Warrior disguise - cqdhjs

Zombie disguise - hvgtpg

Riot vehicle - nqbsrp


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