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Calling all agents – the President needs you in Code Name: S.T.E.A.M., only for Nintendo 3DS family systems! Take control of a squad of super-agents, fight off aliens aplenty and strike up a win for the history books in this turn-based strategy shooter!

It’s the late 19th century, and steam rules the world. Due to advances in technology, steam now powers airships, telecommunications, weaponry, and everything in between. It’s truly an age of wonder – until aliens burst onto the scene, intent on invasion! Chaos descends on the once tranquil world, and as the situation reaches boiling point, President Abraham Lincoln forms S.T.E.A.M., a group of brave souls who are fuming and ready to fight back!

Enter combat with a four-strong squad. Plan your strategy turn-by-turn and tread carefully around battlefields filled with dangerous enemies. There’s no overhead map to refer to; you can only see what your agents can, so seek out vantage points to give yourself a better look at the battle and identify enemy positions. Your every movement and attack is fuelled by steam power, so don’t steam ahead, and think thoroughly before you fire. Stay safe in cover until you’re ready to go into action, and try to keep some steam in your tank to launch counter-attacks during enemy turns.

Go full steam ahead against other players in local and online Versus multiplayer. Think on your feet in fast-paced battles, where the player who collects the most medals or defeats every member of the opposing team is the winner, or do battle in gigantic A.B.E. robots, inspired by the President himself! You can also prove you’re a global superpower in public and private tournaments.

By using selected amiibo, you can bring Fire Emblem heroes into the battle! These unique characters fight using Fire Emblem-related weapons and Special Attacks – but if they fall in battle, the only way to revive them is to tap the amiibo again.

Stand up and be counted in Code Name: S.T.E.A.M., only for Nintendo 3DS family systems. The world is relying on you!


Discover New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL

While this game can be played on all Nintendo 3DS family systems, including Nintendo 2DS, the built-in C Stick of the New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL systems can be used to control the camera and look around the battlefield.

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Command a squad of up to four elite agents and combine brains with brawn to best your enemies! In turn-based combat on each map, strategise and shoot towards your objective, whether it’s to defeat all opponents or simply to reach a certain area.


Under your own steam

There’s no overall view of the map; instead you must position your agents in advantageous positions and scout out the battle from their points of view. Split up your team – but don’t spread them too thin – to give yourself a wider view of the battlefield. Moving one team member to higher ground, so they can see more of the action, is always a good way to give yourself the upper hand!

Sneak behind cover to creep forward and stay out of sight, and use the unique talents of each agent to cover everybody’s backs. Put solid strategies into place and manoeuvre your team members to lay ambushes that will leave the enemy hot and bothered!


Know your limits

Don’t go steaming straight into combat situations, though – your movements are limited by your steam gauge. The battlefield is divided into squares, and you’ll use one unit of your steam gauge for each square that you move across. Each attack also uses up varying amounts of steam, depending on the weapon your character has equipped. It’s important to plan carefully so that you don’t leave yourself in a sticky situation; once a character’s steam gauge is completely empty, they’ll be unable to move again until their boiler refills their steam gauge at the start of the next turn.


When you see an enemy while exploring the area, take aim and fire using the Nintendo 3DS Touch Screen or buttons. Your crosshair will turn yellow if an attack is possible. Each enemy has a weak point too, so monitor their movements, target just the right spot and give them a steaming!

If you play on New Nintendo 3DS or New Nintendo 3DS XL, you can use your system’s C Stick to aim quickly and precisely to pick off enemies. On Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo 3DS XL, you can also use the Nintendo 3DS Circle Pad Pro or Nintendo 3DS Circle Pad Pro XL (sold separately) to target foes.


Return fire

If they have any left over at the end of your turn, certain agents can use spare steam to ambush approaching aliens during the enemy turn. These powerful counter-attacks, known as Overwatch attacks, can take enemies by surprise and defend an agent against an enemy offensive. Watch out, though, because enemies can use Overwatch attacks too!

It’s often wise to hold a little steam back to protect your agents – if an enemy catches you off-guard and you don’t have an Overwatch attack to fall back on, they’ll wipe you out before you can say “Star-Spangled Banner”!


S.T.E.A.M. player

Every member of S.T.E.A.M. has his or her own advantages and disadvantages. Some are great sharpshooters but have weaker attacks, while others can steamroll through enemies and obstacles with explosive attacks but are unable to use Overwatch. Certain agents are better in support roles, using their skills to give their team-mates a boost.

Your agents will heal up between missions, always ready for the next fight. Before rolling out, you can choose and customise your squad, so be sure to pick the right people for the job! If you’re at a loose end, you can have a squad suggested for you.

Tools of the trade

Each agent has their own signature weapon that they always carry into combat, and they aren’t all for offence alone – for example, some can heal team-mates, or launch a character across the map!


In addition, you can pick a sub weapon and boiler for each squad member. Secondary weapons offer a range of attack types, and they can also stun or otherwise hinder enemies, or support the team by restoring health or steam. If you’re not sure which sub weapons to bring into battle, try using the Shuffle option to assign random weapons to your squad!

Meanwhile, different boilers offer varying steam capacities and recharge rates. Choose the right weapons and equipment to balance each team member's core abilities and make the President proud!



Join the elite agents of a secret military unit, led by none other than Abraham Lincoln, as they go full steam ahead to stop an alien invasion! Make your way through maps, co-ordinating your movements and attacks to deal with enemies while defending your team members, and complete objectives to fight forward, such as reaching the goal, eliminating enemies or protecting key characters.


Rank up

Collect medals on the battlefield, then use them at save points to restore the current character’s health or revive fallen comrades when the situation looks dire. Successful missions earn you medals based on your performance, and your squad will be promoted and gain access to additional equipment as your total number of medals rises. You can also grab gears to unlock new boilers, which vary in steam capacity and recharge rate, or even have special bonuses: some can boost your jump distance, for example!


While ducking in and out of cover and advancing on your foes, be on the lookout for helpful objects on each map. Help Monitors give you hints and refill your steam tank mid-turn, while you can smash open S.T.E.A.M. crates to get medical kits and extra steam tanks. Metal boxes can only be broken into with certain weapons, but if you manage to get in you’ll be rewarded with medals!


Over the wireless

Swap mission scores with other players via StreetPass. If your score is higher than those of the players that you meet, you can earn special medals!


Pit your finest four against other players’ teams in local and online multiplayer skirmishes, using weapons and equipment unlocked during the Campaign. There are several types of Versus match to choose from, so experiment with your squad and find winning combinations to ensure your victory!


Death Match

Let off some steam in fast-paced turn-based battles against other players’ squads – the last one standing is the winner. Each turn lasts just 60 seconds, so think on your feet, then plan and execute your strategy quickly or face destruction!


Medal Battle

In these turn-based collectathons, the team that grabs the most gold medals wins. Each player only has five 60-second turns to go for gold, so plan your approach quickly and carefully, then scoop up as many medals as possible!


A.B.E. Battle

Each player takes command of a giant robot inspired by Abraham Lincoln himself in these epic battles! Fight for supremacy in real-time clashes and show opponents whose bot is boss!



Strive to become a superpower in tournaments against players from all over the world. From around launch, you’ll be able to enter public tournaments and prove yourself on the battlefield on a global scale!

You can also host private tournaments to challenge friends, setting your own tournament name, start and end times. Players can receive titles depending on their finishing position, determined by the tournament creator: first, second and third place and a runner-up title, for players that don’t place but finish in the top 10% of players, can be set. Only players who have the tournament’s code can enter a private tournament.

Look out for SpotPass notifications that will let you know when a tournament is taking place.


You can use selected amiibo to bring Fire Emblem heroes into the battle! If you tap the Marth, Ike, Lucina or Robin amiibo to the NFC touchpoint, you'll recruit them to your cause. These unique characters take the fight to the alien invaders using Fire Emblem-related weapons and Special Attacks. They’ll remain available for squad selection until they fall in battle – but if they’re defeated, the only way to revive them is to tap in the amiibo again.


Using amiibo

Owners of New Nintendo 3DS or New Nintendo 3DS XL systems can tap amiibo to the NFC area on the bottom screen, while owners of original Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL or Nintendo 2DS systems can purchase the NFC Reader/Writer accessory to enjoy amiibo functionality in compatible software. Simply tap amiibo to the NFC Reader/Writer and away you go!

Find out more about amiibo at our official amiibo website.

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