Tiny Games - Knights & Dragons

Tiny Games – Knights & Dragons is the first in a series of minigame collections for kids. Its look and gameplay are designed for kids, and the games offer a diverting experience with age-appropriate session lengths.

The collection offers these five games:

  • Ludo: A board game where you roll dice to move, trying to be the first to get four tokens to your base.
  • Chest Mover Mania: A puzzle game where you move a chest to its destination. No easy feat, as the board is restricted and you can't pull the chest.
  • Ship Encounter: An exciting game of tactics. Hide your own ships well, and carefully consider the target of your next cannonball.
  • Find Mines: A maths game that poses the tricky task of finding mines on a field. Your only clue: the number of mines in adjacent squares.
  • Four in a row: A game of strategy where you try to get a row of four tokens – before your opponent does!

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Tiny Games - Knights & Dragons

TypeNintendo 3DS download software
Release date17/04/2014