Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move


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Enjoy over 180 puzzling levels as you twist, drag, slide and drop tiles to build paths for the Minis to move along. Four different play styles offers unique ways to experience the action, while exciting minigames challenge you to rack up the highest score possible! Create your own levels and share them online, then download levels made by other players and expand the puzzle fun even further!

After the huge success of its theme park last time around, the Mario Toy Company is hosting a Mini Toy Carnival for everyone to attend. But what's this? Are Donkey Kong and Pauline teaming up to run a mini arcade inside the carnival? This isn't Mario vs. Donkey Kong… now it's Mario AND Donkey Kong!

  • Build a path quickly and help your toy collect M-Tokens on the way to the exit… try not to let it fall!
  • Mix up the action with four unique game styles that'll challenge you in different ways
  • Unlock exciting minigames that offer even more ways to play with your Mario toys!
  • Create your own levels and share them online or download new stages created by other players

You can only appreciate the 3D effect of Nintendo 3DS on the system itself. All screenshots and game footage on this site are captured in 2D mode.


Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move isn't like your normal Mario adventure – rather than controlling Mario or his friends, you have to control the world around them. Or, rather, under them!

Use the Touch Screen of your Nintendo 3DS system to twist, drag, drop and slide tiles around each level, building a track that will lead the Mini toy from the starting pipe to the star exit. Reaching the exit will see you head for the next level, but there are special M-Tokens dotted around that unlock bonuses if you're good enough to collect them as well. You'll need quick wits and an even quicker stylus hand if you want to complete every level in the game perfectly!

As you work your way through the main game, you'll discover four very different types of challenge:


Mario's Main Event

Place the tiles, build a path and watch your Mini head for the exit. Easy, right? It would be, but you've only got a short amount of time before your Mini starts moving. Get that path built quickly, using the tiles that appear to stop the Mini falling off the track!


Puzzle Palace

In this mode, you'll only have a limited number of tiles per level to reach the end – plan carefully, or you'll find yourself running out of road. Watch out for the Bomb Tile later on, as you'll need quick reflexes to divert your Minis before they're blown up!


Many Mini Mayhem

Instead of placing tiles, this mode sees you rotating existing tiles to change their direction or even moving them around the map to create a path. The catch? You've got multiple Minis moving around the level at once – don't let any of them fall!


Giant Jungle

Collecting the stars peppered around each course might seem simple, but when you can only use the tiles provided to you at random… well, it gets a whole lot tougher! Use your wits and try to stay one step ahead to lead your Mini to the exit!

As you play through the many levels and collect special M-Tokens, you'll unlock additional minigames that can be enjoyed separately. Each one offers a new challenge, where getting scores on the leaderboard are the order of the day – how high can you get?


Cube Crash

See that giant coloured cube? Good… let's smash it! Use the slingshot to fling Mini Mario at the cube repeatedly, breaking pieces off as quickly as possible. How fast can you make the whole thing disappear?


Elevation Station

Mini Mario stands tall, but he can't reach the coins until you lift him up! Turn the handle to raise and lower the platform, grabbing coins as they drift by at different heights. Watch out for the Bullet Bills and Fly Guys!

Fly Guy Grab

As the Fly Guys make a fly-past, use the tethered slingshot to fire Mini Mario at them before reeling him in like a worm on a hook! The score you'll get for each Fly Guy depends on his colour, so aim carefully!

Mini Target Smash

Use the slingshot to fire Mini Mario at the targets and smash them to pieces! Each target is worth a different amount depending on the picture, so aim for the ones that'll net you the highest score possible!

As well as a whole host of challenging puzzles for you to solve, Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move offers you the chance to create your own levels and share them with other players. Come up with as many fiendish challenges as you like with the easy-to-use level creator, then upload them so that others can try to complete them successfully!

Making your own level is simple: just drag and drop the pieces you need onto the grid, arranging them until you're happy that you've created something great. You can even play it yourself to see how challenging it is! When you're done, select the Share Online option to upload your level* and allow other players to enjoy it too!

You can also search for and download levels created by other players* under four different categories:

  • Top Weekly – newer levels with a high number of Favourite votes
  • Popular – 30 levels chosen from the most popular levels available
  • Random – 30 levels, selected randomly from those available
  • Friends – up to 30 levels created by people on your Friend List

Once you've found a level you like the look of, playing it will download that level to your game and allow you to play it later when not connected to the Internet. If you really like a level, you can even mark it as a favourite and make it more likely that other players will see it in the Top Weekly category. Save up to 100 levels at a time and expand the frantic fun even further!

* Uploading and downloading user-generated content requires a wireless Internet connection.