Hydroventure™: Spin Cycle


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Take your Nintendo 3DS out for a spin with Hydroventure: Spin Cycle! Guide Eddy, the heroic Water Spirit, through 60 brain-twisting puzzles, using the motion controls of Nintendo 3DS to rotate the world and save the Rainbow Spirits!

Once upon a time, a wizard used the power of the Rainbow Spirits to breathe life into a book filled with illustrations of fantastic worlds. Unfortunately, Goop – an evil liquid made of dark magic – became jealous of this power and decided to steal it for itself by trapping the Rainbow Spirits inside the magic book. Now it's up to Eddy, a Water Spirit, to stop the evil Goop and save the Rainbow Spirits before it's too late!

Hydroventure: Spin Cycle is a physics-based puzzle game with a difference. In order to move Eddy – the water-based hero of the game – around, you need to use the motion controls of Nintendo 3DS to tip, tilt and turn each puzzle in the right direction. Only by guiding Eddy's flow with skill and dexterity will you be able to collect bonus water reserves hidden around each puzzle, defeat the various Goop monsters and save the Rainbow Spirits. It'll have your brain in a real spin!


Twist And Shout

Each puzzle takes the form of an illustration in the wizard's book and offers a series of different passages for you to explore. For the most part, you'll need to guide Eddy through these while he's in his water state; to do that, simply tip your Nintendo 3DS system to the left or right and watch as Eddy flows in that direction. Tilting more will make him move faster, but be sure to keep him under control or he might end up in trouble!

Of course, tipping and tilting is a bit of an understatement for certain puzzles, and sometimes you'll find yourself spinning your Nintendo 3DS in a full-rotation in order to get Eddy to where he needs to be. Precise control is the key to success, especially if you want to finish each puzzle with a maximum five star rating – the faster you finish and the more water you collect on the way, the better your score will be! You can also collect Puzzle Pieces, one in every puzzle, that can be combined to unlock special playrooms; each is a high-score challenge that'll really test your skills!


Under Lock And Key

Moving through passages may sound easy, but reaching each Rainbow Spirit requires a bit more work that just simple navigation. Along the way, you'll run into dead ends, locked gates and many other obstacles that have to be overcome – working out how to progress through each puzzle is where the challenge really lies!

From spinning waterwheels and weighing down pressure pads to breaking through walls, unlocking gates by activating switches and more, each obstacle requires a different approach if you want to clear it. Some may need Eddy to be in a specific state such as an ice block or a fluffy cloud, whereas others might require you to have amassed enough water from around a puzzle before you can proceed. Figure it out and you'll be one step closer to the solution... but don't forget, the clock is ticking!


Water Way To Go!

Of course, the Goop isn't going to give up the Rainbow Spirits without a fight and if Eddy wants to save them all, he's going to have to contend with a wide array of deadly traps and dastardly enemies. It's not as simple as taking the fight to them though… after all, Eddy's watery body doesn't exactly make him a force to be reckoned with!

Instead, you'll need to find devious ways of dealing with the danger ahead. Obstacles such as sand or lava, which can absorb or burn away Eddy's liquid reserves respectively, need to be avoided at all costs. Goop enemies can be dealt with by other means, such as luring them out of harm's way or squashing them with Eddy's solid state. Steer clear of enemy attacks when Eddy is in his water state though, as being hit will drain your supply – lose it all and it's game over!

In order to solve every puzzle in Hydroventure: Spin Cycle, you're going to need more than just brains – you'll also need to use Eddy's special abilities! And just as water can come in three different states, so Eddy also has a few tricks up his saturated sleeves...


The Power of Water

Eddy's water state might look like a normal puddle of liquid, but even in this form he can use a couple of abilities. If parts of Eddy get separated from him as you move around each stage, you can keep in contact with the Gather button on the Touch Screen to bring him back together; once gathered, you can make him explode to break down walls and open up new paths in certain locations.


The Power of Ice

Using strange contraptions located in some of the puzzles, Eddy can transform himself into a solid block of ice. Not only does this solid state make it easier to move him around and avoid certain dangers (sliding is so much fun!) but you can also touch and keep contact with a button on the Touch Screen to stick to surfaces such as walls or platforms for a few seconds.


The Power of Cloud

There are also strange contraptions that evaporate Eddy and turn him into a cloud! In cloud state, you can freely move Eddy through the air and use several additional abilities: blow a gust of wind to move faster or interact with objects, charge and shoot lightning to destroy enemies and activate electrical equipment, or make it rain to turn Eddy back into his water state.