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Cover your ears – the planet of Melodia is under attack in this new game from the makers of Pokémon!

The evil Noizoids, under the orders of their leader Gargan, aren’t just disrupting the normal tuneful lives of Melodians everywhere – they’ve also kidnapped Ariana, the princess of Symphony City! Help Tempo, the boy chosen to wield the legendary staff, and his friends as they travel across Melodia on a musical adventure in HarmoKnight, only from Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL.

Over 50 stages of rhythm-action fun await, including bonus stages featuring much-loved tunes from some of your favourite Pokémon games!

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You can only appreciate the 3D effect of Nintendo 3DS on the system itself. All screenshots and game footage on this site are captured in 2D mode.

HarmoKnight combines side-scrolling platforming with rhythm-action gameplay to create an exciting and colourful experience. Each stage has a musical track that must be used as a guide to perform specific moves such as hitting enemies, jumping gaps and striking musical plants in the background. Thanks to the game’s intuitive two-button control system, picking up the basics is really simple… but that doesn’t mean that saving Princess Ariana from the Noizoids is going to be easy!

Each world is split into various stages, which offer a mixture of two gameplay styles:


Main Stages

Every world of HarmoKnight has several auto-scrolling stages, with each offering a different musical track. As your character runs forward from the left, hazards and other objects will appear from the right that you’ll need to react to: enemies have to be hit away with the A Button, while gaps and dangerous obstacles have to be leapt over with the B Button. The important thing, however, is that everything happens in time with the music, so hitting perfectly-timed strikes or jumps is all about keeping a steady beat with the background track.


Failing to hit an enemy causes you to lose a heart, with the stage ending abruptly if you lose all of them; likewise, falling down a dangerous gap causes the stage to stop instantly. Any stages that you don’t manage to complete can be restarted from the beginning immediately, or you can try a different stage instead. While hitting enemies and jumping gaps are essential for clearing each stage, there are other things that can be done to earn additional notes too. Percussiplants in the background (taking the form of tambourines, cymbals and triangles) can also be struck if you have good timing, while landing a perfect leap on a jump drum will throw you high into the air, often netting you a slew of notes and even helping you to reach new paths through the stage!


Boss Stages

Battles against more powerful Noizoid enemies take the form of boss stages that require you to watch and echo patterns – the boss performs a sequence of moves to the music, then you have to repeat them back in exactly the same order and with the right timing. While most moves will use the A and B Buttons, some bosses will also make you move up, down, left or right as well so pay attention and copy exactly what they do to beat them!

As well as a variety of music and gameplay, HarmoKnight offers several main characters that you’ll play as at different times. Each has their own unique style that you’ll have to adapt to on the fly, so be ready for when they switch in and out!



The main hero of the game, he swings his legendary staff in time to hit enemies and percussiplants as he runs towards them. He can also jump to clear deadly gaps or grab notes out of mid-air.



This melodic warrior carries a lyre that allows her to attack enemies at a great distance. Time your button presses perfectly as the crosshair for her instrument passes over the approaching enemies.


Tyko and Cymbi

Whenever this pair appear, you’ll have double the work to do! Tyko bangs his drum down low while Cymbi crashes cymbals up high – press the right button against enemies at different heights.

You'll also meet some other characters along the way too…



Tempo's best friend – this tap-dancing rabbit will give you advice as you travel through each stage and wave his flag to mark the end of each section.



Tempo's teacher and a former loyal guard of Symphony City, who once saved Melodia long ago. He's an expert with woodwind instruments.

Keeping up with the beat is only half the battle in HarmoKnight – if you want to be the best, you’ll have to nail every note you find! And along the way, you might just uncover some cool little bonuses as well…

Fast, Faster, Fastest

It’s not enough to clear each stage with a ‘So So…’ or even ‘Good’ rating; you’ll want to aim for the golden blossoms that show you’ve done brilliantly on a level. As well as having proof of how good you are though, earning a ‘Great!’ rating on any stage in Normal Mode allows you to replay it in Fast Mode – a double-speed challenge that’ll really test your musical skill. Only the best will achieve gold on every stage at both difficulty levels!


Bird Is The Word

Certain stages within each world have a special bird called a Pinklef hidden somewhere within them – they’re always off the beaten path and finding them usually means sacrificing a potential high score. If you manage to track them all down though, something good might happen…

Gotta Play ‘Em All!

As well as over 50 stages of original music, there are also several levels that will sound incredibly familiar to people who love the Pokémon series of games. How do you unlock these special stages and enjoy those much-loved tunes though? Well, that’s for you to find out!