System: Nintendo 3DS Release date: 15/11/2012

Welcome to the world of Fallblox! Get ready to push your brain to the limit with 140 new levels, 90 training exercises and a unique addition to the puzzling gameplay: gravity!

It’s a wonderful sunny day over in Fallblox Park and everyone’s getting ready to have some fun. Unfortunately, Mallo has accidentally scared all the brightly coloured Carrier Birds of Fallblox Park away! There’s only one thing for it – he’ll have to bring them all back! And so begins Mallo’s latest adventure, packed with all the pulling, jumping, climbing and falling you could ever want from a puzzle game…


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Fallblox might look familiar if you’ve already played its predecessor, Pullblox, but don’t be fooled! New gameplay elements help make Fallblox a totally new experience and one that’ll have you scratching your head for a long time to come!

As in Pullblox, the objective of each level is to reach the top of the structure – where he previously rescued children, Mallo now has to collect the colourful birds that are perched at the top of each stage. But while the coloured blocks of Pullblox could only be pulled outwards or pushed inwards, Fallblox adds a third dimension and a whole new layer of challenge to the puzzle experience!


Newton's Law

Each Fallblox is constructed of coloured blocks that can be moved independently by Mallo – just stand next to a block and hold the B button, then use the Circle Pad to move the block. To complete a stage, you simply have to move the blocks into an arrangement that lets you climb to the top and reach the bird waiting for you.

However, moving one block can have a drastic effect on all the others above it; if you push or pull a block in a way that leaves the blocks above unsupported, gravity will make them drop down until they hit something solid. What’s more, blocks can be moved sideways as well as forwards and backwards, so planning your moves carefully is the key to success!


Time And Space

Fallblox gives you all the tools you’ll need to complete each stage of the game. Need plenty of room to push, pull and slide blocks around? The play field is now nine layers deep and also far wider than it was in Pullblox. Need to see a puzzle from a different angle? Use the +Control Pad to rotate the camera to check out the side or rear of the stage.

And if you find yourself hitting a dead end in your quest to reach the summit, you’ve got two options to fix it. If it’s only a tiny error, you can rewind time until you’re back at a point before things went wrong; alternatively, hit the glowing arrow at the front or rear of a level to reset the whole stage and start all over again!


Helpful Blocks

Not all blocks you’ll encounter act in the same way – some have special properties that can be taken advantage of when solving each puzzle. Floating blocks, for example, can be moved around like any regular block but don’t fall when left unsupported, meaning you can use them to prevent other blocks from dropping down.

Of course, that’s just one example and there are plenty more special blocks to be discovered in Fallblox... but we don’t want to spoil the surprise! Just remember that you’ll need to put every one of them to good use if you want to collect all the birds of Fallblox Park!

Once you’ve cleared the first ten stages in Fallblox Park, you’ll gain access to Fallblox Studio. It’s here that Papa Blox puts the finishing touches to each Fallblox, but he’ll also let you use it to create your own stages as well… if you ask him nicely, that is!


If You Build It…

Fallblox Studio comes with all the easy-to-use tools you need to build any kind of stage you like. Just use the Nintendo 3DS stylus to add blocks to or remove them from the grid on the Touch Screen, swapping colours to indicate different blocks. You can also add gadgets, give your stage a name and even try it out for yourself to see if it works. This last part is really important, as you won’t be able to share your Fallblox if it’s not possible to complete it!


Share Your Creations

Once your Fallblox is complete, it’s time for the important part: letting people play it! Any Fallblox you create and complete can be transformed into a QR Code, which can then be saved to the SD Card of your Nintendo 3DS as an image. Then all you need to do is transfer that image from your SD Card by plugging it into a computer before sharing it over the Internet any way you like. Your creation could become famous in an instant!

If you want even more Fallblox levels to play with, we’ve got just the thing! Each of the QR Code patterns shown below will add a new stage to your game, giving you even more ways to enjoy the Fallblox experience!


Here’s how to use them:

  1. Turn on your Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo 3DS XL and launch Fallblox from the HOME Menu
  2. From the main menu, choose Fallblox Studio (note: this option only becomes available once you’ve cleared the first ten puzzles in Fallblox Park)
  3. Select an empty space in the studio, then tap ‘Read QR Code’
  4. Tap ‘Read With Camera’ to bring up the QR Code scanning window
  5. Aim the outer cameras of your Nintendo 3DS at one of the QR Code patterns above, fitting it into the window frame on the 3D Screen
  6. Once the QR Code has been accepted, confirm that you want to save the level to the SD Card of your Nintendo 3DS 

And that’s it! Any QR Code levels saved to your Nintendo 3DS can be played from Fallblox Studio by selecting the puzzle and tapping ‘Play’. We hope you enjoy them – keep checking this page for more QR Code patterns appearing in the near future!

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