What rookie boxer Little Mac lacks in size, he makes up for in determination. And with trainer Doc Louis by his side, Little Mac is ready to win big!

NES classic Punch-Out!! pits your pint-sized pugilist against such diverse rivals as the fragile-jawed Frenchman Glass Joe, sucker-punching Russian Soda Popinski and the Hollywood heavyweight Super Macho Man.

Use jabs, body blows, hooks and uppercuts to discover your opponent's weak spot and make the knockout blow. Also, look out for an appearance by Mario as the referee!

Please note: Punch-Out!! on Wii U Virtual Console is the US version of the game.

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TypeVirtual Console (Wii U)
Release date21/03/2013

TypeVirtual Console (Nintendo 3DS)
Release date01/03/2012

TypeVirtual Console (Wii)
Release date30/03/2007

Original systemNES