The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX


Game Boy Color

Release date

Link's Awakening DX is a souped-up, colour version of the original Link's Awakening which first entertained gamers in 1993. Link, Nintendo's famous Hyrulian hero, finds himself on a mysterious island after a shipwreck leaves him stranded. You must help Link escape from Koholint Island by finding the eight instruments of the Sirens and awakening the omnipotent Wind Fish who rules the island. This is no easy task, because you'll be challenged with brain-bursting puzzles, barbaric bosses, and dark dungeons along the way. When Link's Awakening was first released in 1993, it proved to the world that portable games could be just as deep and engrossing as games designed for home consoles. With the introduction of Game Boy Color the improved graphics provide a visual experience to match the addictive game play. Link's Awakening DX offers Zelda fans more than just turbo-charged graphics. Hidden somewhere on the mystical island is a brand new dungeon that has never been seen before in any Zelda game. The dungeon takes advantage of Game Boy Color's capabilities to deliver complex puzzles based on colour. This dungeon is hidden well, so even the most experienced explorers may have a hard time discovering its location. Another addition to Link's Awakening DX is a photo album feature. As you progress throughout the game, you can collect interesting photos of the Koholint landscape. You can then view your pictures in a new camera shop, and then turn them into stickers using Game Boy Printer.