Pokémon Red Version

Become the greatest Pokémon trainer in the world in the games that started it all! Playing as Ash Ketchum, you start your Pokémon Game Boy adventure by choosing a tame Pokémon at the home of the great Pokémon master Professor Oak. Now the journey can begin! Your mission: Collect all 150 Pokémon on the island, using your own Pokémon to capture others. Along the way, several skilled trainers, such as your infamous arch-rival Gary, and many minor trainers, will challenge you to Pokémon duels. You can't back down, so be ready for anything. Remember, Pokémon are not ordinary creatures. To fill your Pokédex encyclopaedia, you'll need to train captured Pokémon so they evolve. For instance, a captured Caterpie will evolve into a Metapod, which will then turn into a Butterfree. Each transformation adds more power to the Pokémon - giving you more power to defeat and capture other Pokémon. Also keep in mind that some Pokémon are rare and won't be found in your game. The Red & Blue versions of the game each carry their own variety of Pokémon to defeat, collect, and train. To get all 150, trade Pokémon with your friends using the Game Link Cable, which allows the transfer of Pokémon between Game Paks. You can also battle your Pokémon in blistering 3-D and play Pokémon Red and Blue on the big screen using an N64 and a Transfer Pak with a copy of Pokémon Stadium - and transfer your Pokémon to and from Pokémon Yellow using the Game Link Cable. With some restrictions, you can also trade with Pokémon Gold, Silver and Crystal.