Grand Theft Auto


Game Boy Color

Release date

Working your way up the criminal corporate ladder isn't easy. You have to be prompt, courteous, detail-oriented and drive like a maniac. In Grand Theft Auto, you play the role of a wise-guy wannabe. Taking assignments on the fly, you pick up stolen cars, rendezvous with fellow would-be wise guys and perform other task-based missions. There's some gunfire, of course, but most of the action involves traipsing or driving across massive cityscapes - packed full of civilian traffic that impressively makes its own way around the streets - while evading the long arm of the law and rival gangsters. In all, there are more than 100 missions. One minute you're racing against the clock to answer a ringing payphone, the next you're driving a booby-trapped truck that will blow sky-high if your speedometer dips below 50kph. Grand Theft Auto takes the same top-down view as the PC version. Gone, though, are the hefty helpings of gangster slang and Type O sloshing about the landscape. While you can walk and drive pretty much anywhere you want to, including city parks. Grand Theft Auto keeps everything moving in an exceptionally clear, crisp way.