Game & Watch Gallery 3

Before Game Boy, there was Game & Watch. Now, there's Game & Watch on Game Boy Color! Nintendo's third compilation of classic handheld games lets you relive the birth of portable gaming, and also lets you enjoy modern versions of the classic games with improved play control, graphics, colour and sound. Game & Watch Gallery 3 features five games, each with a classic and modern version: In Egg, a wily fox practically dances on the spot as he attempts to collect all the eggs dropped by the farmyard's resident hens. In the utterly compulsive modern version, Yoshi uses that multi-purpose tongue to lick up delicious donuts.Turtle Bridge sees Mr Game & Watch - or Toad in the modern version - hopping from one side of the screen to the other. Only careful timing will ensure you don't topple off the platforms and bring your high-score attempt to a painful halt...In classic mode, Greenhouse is a frantic battle to keep characters with evil intentions away from your beautiful flowers. Yoshi takes the starring role in the modern version - and gobbles more melons than a dinosaur should!Donkey Kong Jr. is the sequel to Nintendo's all-time classic, with you playing the hapless monkey child as he struggles to free his imprisoned dad. In the modern version, improved graphics and brand new hazards combine to create a tricky new challenge!Last - but by no means least - comes the superb Mario Bros. Mario and Luigi battle to satisfy their manager by lifting boxes to the top of a seemingly never-ending conveyor belt. The dual character play will test your finger reflexes to the limit.And the fun doesn't stop with these five games. Build up table-topping high scores to unlock an Aladdin's Cave of secrets, including a wealth of hidden games. With such a wide variety of all-time classic gaming crammed into its little package, Game & Watch Gallery 3 is a Game Boy Game Pak that you simply must not miss - whether you're old enough to remember the games the first time around or not!