Sword of Mana


Game Boy Advance

Release date

Sword of Mana, the prequel to the Mana series, tells the story of the source of all life, the power that flows from the goddess Mana and bears her name. Long ago, in a time of darkness, a mighty empire tapped its energy to dominate the world. In an effort to stop the use of such power for evil purposes, a woman from the Mana tribe transformed herself into the Mana Tree, locking the power away from anyone who would try to abuse it. The hero, a young man of the Grantz Realm, has survived as a gladiator in the slave pits of Grants. The heroine in this story is a young woman from the Mana tribe who possesses deep ties to the goddess Mana. As the Dark Lord is persecuting the Mana tribe, the heroine embarks on a journey to protect it. When the hero and heroine meet, the wheels of fate are again set into motion. Features include: Choose a character and race to save the Mana Tree. The direction of the story changes and varies according to the character you choose. Master Ring Commands from Secret of Mana by swapping out magic and weapons quickly to find the best way to fight your enemies. The Ring Command system gives you the control you need to defeat your foes. Watch for other characters from the Mana series, including Niccolo the merchant and Li'l Cactus, whose diary entries provided Legend of Mana with both humor and warmth. Developed by Square Enix Co., Ltd.