Game Boy Advance

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Wakka Wakka Wakka - a somewhat unlikely trademark sound, perhaps, but one that filled the arcades in the early eighties as players thrilled to the pellet-munching, ghost-dodging exploits of circular videogaming legend Pac-Man. Now Pac's back on your Game Boy Advance in the videogame that spawned a multitude of sequels a selection of t-shirts and even a cartoon. At the heart of Pac-Man's success was wholly compulsive gameplay. Scoot around a maze endeavouring to eat each and every dot in your path whilst avoiding the malevolent intentions of Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde, four ghosts hell-bent on catching you. The game's stroke of genius was in allowing Pac-Man to eat power-pellets, thereby temporarily granting him the ability to turn the tables on his other-worldly adversaries and gobble them up. With an alternate two player mode and gameplay that remains maddeningly addictive today, Pac-Man is a true arcade classic.