Portable Power

Game Boy Color is part of the range of portable powerhouses that revolutionised the way the world plays games. Over thirteen years, Game Boy has become the planet's most loved handheld with over 100 million units sold. Game Boy Color brings a ravishing rainbow of over 32,000 possible colours to the bright 44 x 39mm screen, along with twice the processing power of its monochrome sibling.

Tasty Colours

Nintendo have brought Game Boy Color to shop shelves in a range of irresistible colours. Purple, Green, Blue, Yellow, Clear Purple and even a Special Edition Pokémon Game Boy Color was added to the range!

Game Library

Platformers, puzzle games, shoot-'em-ups, strategy - every game genre is catered for by Game Boy's huge library of mini classics. Game Boy Color games and original Game Boy cartridges are playable on Game Boy Color, giving you over 800 titles to choose from - including the phenomenal Pokémon range that's gripped the planet.

Look for the Game Boy Color icon on games that utilise Game Boy Color's unique capabilities.

Technical Details

CPU 8-bit Z80
Memory 32 Kbyte + 96 Kbyte VRAM (in CPU), 256 Kbyte WRAM (external of CPU)
Screen Sharp colour LCD screen, 44 x 39mm size, 160x140 resolution, 32,768 possible colours, 56 simultaneous colours
Size Width 75mm, Depth 27mm, Height 133mm
Weight 138g
Power 2 AA batteries
Battery Life 10 hours


Game Boy Link Cable

Unite with other Game Boy owners with a Game Boy Link Cable. Depending on the compatible game, you can swap high scores with a friend, trade Pokémon, or play simultaneously for top-notch two-player action (you and your friend will each need a copy of the game for all these benefits). This cable is not compatible with Game Boy Advance. Using the Game Boy Universal Game Link Cable, two Game Boy Pockets/Game Boy Colors or one original Game Boy and one Game Boy Pocket can connect without any additional adapters.

Look for the Link Cable icon on Game Paks that support this accessory.

Game Boy Printer

No need for a dark room or local chemist to develop your Game Boy Camera snaps - just plug in the Game Boy Printer and print out your favourite poses. Plus, many Game Boy games can send screenshots, character pictures and high score lists to the Game Boy Printer. Peel the backing off your printouts and the sticky-backed behind means anything you print can become a sticker.

Look for the Game Boy Printer icon on Game Paks that support this accessory.

Transfer Pak

As the name suggests, the Transfer Pak allows data, high-scores, characters and other data to be transferred between your Game Boy Color Game Paks and Nintendo 64 Game Paks. There's little that beats the thrill of transferring your Pokémon from Game Boy Color to Nintendo 64 and cheering them on as they clatter with friends' monsters in breathtaking 3D. Magic!

Look for the Nintendo 64 Transfer Pak icon on Game Boy Color Game Paks that support this feature.

Game Boy Camera

Get snap-happy and turn your Game Boy into a digital camera with the incredible Game Boy Camera. Slotting neatly into the Game Boy's game slot, this clever add-on allows you to take black-and-white pictures with the simple press of a button - then clip, cut, merge and even add Nintendo characters to your photos with the built-in tools. Create animations by stringing snaps together, print your pictures with the Game Boy Printer... the only limit is your own imagination!

Game Boy Printer Paper

One roll of white Game Boy Printer paper, one roll of yellow and one roll of blue, all backed with sticky glue so you can place your printouts on walls, fridges, Nintendo systems or anywhere you please. Each roll can print 180 individual pictures, giving you enough paper for 540 printouts!